Monday, March 27, 2017

Starcraft 2, programmable peripherals and you

OK, so I have two tools I use A LOT when playing Starcraft 2 or any RTS for that matter.
One tool is the programmable keypad, the G13 and the programmable laser mouse, the G9.
I love Logitech and their ability to give me more choices of action within any application.
I will cut right to what I was thinking about SC2 and these tools.
OK, so when playing co-op I usually play terrain. Trying to manage SCV building can be micro management intensive unless you want idle SCVs behind the building they just built. I assign all my SCVs in one area that is building intensive to the hotkey 8. Then I program S1 to a macro that presses 8 then B. The other S2 button I set to a macro that pressed 8 then V. Then what I do is I press SHIFT AND S1 or S2 and Right Click (LM) to a mineral patch.

Of course this pulls all the current SCVs mining at the time to go to that ONE patch but it's a minimal delay for the convenience of not having SCVs sitting idle around your base. However, I DO have two SCVs patrolling my base as early warning as well as immediate repair without my needed to direct them.
My 2 cents for what it's worth.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I have finally found my dream keyboard!

OK, I love peripherals like the Nostromo N52 and my new one - the G-13 gamepad that works so well with my G-9 mouse.
One thing I have always dreamed of in a PC system is the ability to control what is on the screen with a gentle touch of the index finger.
Take a gander at these beauties of technology!

 I can imagine designing a children's book, as I do in my spare time, and as you select menus in photoshop this beautiful keyboard/menu context pad CHANGES accordingly!
However, the tool is only as useful as your freedom to use it. Do they have open source tool design software and a free network of apps for it or will it be $300 plus hidden DLC B.S. costing you hundreds (if not thousands)? It seems that once a company does something right like this they seem to always glow it by screw up someplace else.
Look at the Windows Operating System. They made it possible for the lowest moron to install and operate the OS but now we have an OS that caters to the lower common denominator.
I hope the company that made this concept of a beautiful next generation Context control board or "Contextrol Board"(what I would call it).

The same company that made the concept above made this $990 Contextrol board:
You have to love the animation art for this one!

For $990 all you get are eighty keys decorated with 48x48 picture keys. Seeing that that most people have learned to touch type by their 2nd year (if not first year) of typing, I see putting 48x48 LCD screens on EACH key a complete waste of time. This would be super cool to do if they brought the price down from the stratosphere. For now the price of $990 for the limited utility of each key changing keeps this in the category of "rich kid's brag item". It was about around $200, I would buy it in a New York minute if I could program it and it has open code to create more applications for it. It would be a real shame if they locked up the code to do this and only gave out capability according to when they need a DLC boost to their earning quarter (as EA does).
I DO see how 3-4 level deep context menus would be very useful. A menu where instead of you right clicking, you can press a hotkey and a function within the program is displayed on the keyboard. On the first level you would have [File][Edit][View][Insert][Format][Table][Tools][Window][Help] and instead of pressing the corresponding key underlined, the icon for the menu choice would be displayed instead.

Anyways, don't stare at this gif too long ... you will start to see your current keyboard wink at you!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Tribes 2 creator answered by question of "Why are there not more successful Jetpack shooters like it?"

I got to talk with David Georgeson on Facebook. I went to the same college as he did and I don't think he would mind me quoting him on my blog.
David Georgeson
On a popular media website I asked David Georgeson "Why are there not more successful Jetpack shooters like it?"
"I loved that game. T2 and Planetside are my favorite projects to-date. We brought combined arms tactics and community to the battlefield for the very first time. I also love jet pack shooters. But the reason we don't see more of them? They're too hard for the average gamer. The skilled gamers LOVE it. But the casual gamers drop out and we couldn't exceed the 300k ceiling. The Battlefields of the world took over with comparably easier skill requirements allowing more people to play and achieved critical mass of popularity that way. My opinion but I don't think many folks would argue. "
This guy is a success in the FPS arena. He did so many things right when making his game.
The most impressive thing to me is that he did not compromise quality in return for a fast buck as many game designers do. I believe that this choice landed him in subsequent successful jobs as working on Everquest, Everquest 2, Gaia Online and Planetside 2.
I hope to see David in a Tribes 2 game sometime in the future - that would make my day.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Bad Steam Games do this all the time.

When you comment on bad steam games their admins have waaaay too much power to ban you from any and all discussion for one reason:
They want people to be duped as much as possible from buying a crap game.
Here is the message I got. I am a good commenter and never attack person gamers online in Steam at all.

To those who had read my posts for OGRE/GEV...

I have to say I am sorry to those few dozen million people who regularly read my blog concerning OGRE/GEV.
As of late I have been pretty much glued to Steam and the immediately gratification that comes with computer games you can download after buying.
I sort of miss the days of yesteryear when, as a young person, the only gaming you could engage in was the sort you arrange beforehand on a table. Quit soon, I think, board games will be replaced with google-glass type glasses that will make the board game appear on a blank table in the real world. Imagine - playing Axis and Allies with animated pieces just like the "chess pieces" in Star Wars! Only difference is that people walking into the room will see a bunch of people staring a blank table being mimes as they pick up non-existent playing pieces.
The days of the miniature and chit & hex games are all but over. More and more I find it impossible to find people who are half-way interested in playing games that involve actual physical dice. Maybe in the future they will invent hard light so we can touch our playing pieces once more!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Updated Tribes Ascend aiming graduated reticle for the fusion mortar.

This reticle might work with other weapons in this jetpack shooter. I have found that it works with the energy crossbow, grenade launcher and arx.
The green text is for when you are zoomed in. The black with white outline is for when you are zoomed out. As you have probably figured out, each number is a multiple of ten. If you want to hit a target 10m away just use the center of your reticle.
This overlay is to be used with CustomeDesktopLogo since HiRez does not care enough about the Tribes community to offer script support (or even hotkeys or a map editor!).
I wish they would put Tribes Vengeance up on Steam with the ability to make your own server. That Tribes game had grapple hooks!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Found a way to change the XY mouse input into aswd (or in my case asdf)!

1. Download Autohotkey.
2. Install Autohotkey.
3. Run Autohotkey (must be in the background for this following script to run).
4. Open Notepad.
5. Copy the following text into said textpad.

; MouseSendZones
; Author: Pulover [Rodolfo U. Batista]
; Description: This script sends user-defined keys when the mouse is
; over an area of the screen by creating a rectangle at
; the center to be the Dead Zone and 8 other rectangles
; around it, each one will send and hold the configured
; keys when the mouse hovers over it.

; ########## Configurations: ##########

; Select Hotkey to active the funtion:
Activate =\

; Select Hotkey show Zones Guidelcines:
ShowZones = [

; Select optional Hotkey reset mouse to Center:
Center =]
; Set Horizontal & Vertical Dead Zone Ranges in pixels:
DeadZoneRangeX := 150
DeadZoneRangeY := 115

KeySet =
( ; Set the keys that will be sent for each of the eight zones of the screen:
Up = w
Down = s
Left = a
Right = f
UpLeft = w & a
UpRight = w & f
DownLeft = s & a
DownRight = s & f

; ########## End of configurations! ##########

; Parse KeySet and assign variables to the keys:
Loop, Parse, KeySet, `n
Loop, Parse, A_LoopField, =, %A_Space%
If Mod(A_Index, 2)
Key := A_LoopField
%Key% := A_LoopField
StringSplit, %Key%, A_LoopField, &, %A_Space%

#SingleInstance, Force
SendMode, Input
SetKeyDelay, -1
SetMouseDelay, -1
SetBatchLines, -1
CoordMode, Mouse, Screen

; Get the coordinates for the center of the screen to create a Dead Zone:
DeadZoneX := A_ScreenWidth / 2
DeadZoneY := A_ScreenHeight / 2

; Activate Hotkeys:
Hotkey, %Activate%, Activate, On
Hotkey, %ShowZones%, ShowZones, On
Try Hotkey, %Center%, CenterMouse, On

; Create a rectangle to show Dead Zone:
A := DeadZoneRangeX*2, B := DeadZoneRangeY*2, C := A-2, D := B-2

Gui, -Caption +ToolWindow +LastFound +AlwaysOnTop
Gui, Color, Red
Gui, +LastFound
WinSet, Region, 0-0 %A%-0 %A%-%B% 0-%B% 0-0  2-2 %C%-2 %C%-%D% 2-%D% 2-2
GoSub, ShowZones
Display := !Display
SetTimer, RemoveTip, -1500

SetTimer, WatchMouse, % (Active := !Active) ? 0 : "Off"
Loop, % %hKeys%0
Send, %  (hKeys = "DeadZone") ? "" : "{" %hKeys%%A_Index% " up}"

If (Display := !Display)
Gui, Show, % "NA x" DeadZoneX - DeadZoneRangeX "y" DeadZoneY - DeadZoneRangeY "w" DeadZoneRangeX * 2 "h"

DeadZoneRangeY * 2
Tooltip, Dead Zone, % DeadZoneX-25, % DeadZoneY-25, 1
Tooltip, % Up, % DeadZoneX-25, % 0, 2
Tooltip, % Down, % DeadZoneX-25, % A_ScreenHeight, 3
Tooltip, % Left, % 0, % DeadZoneY-25, 4
Tooltip, % Right, % A_ScreenWidth, % DeadZoneY-25, 5
Tooltip, % UpLeft, % 0, % 0, 6
Tooltip, % UpRight, % A_ScreenWidth, % 0, 7
Tooltip, % DownLeft, % 0, % A_ScreenHeight, 8
Tooltip, % DownRight, % A_ScreenWidth, % A_ScreenHeight, 9
GoSub, RemoveTip

Gui, Cancel

Click, %DeadZoneX%, %DeadZoneY%, 0

MouseGetPos, pX, pY
zKeys := GetZone(pX, pY, DeadZoneX, DeadZoneY, DeadZoneRangeX, DeadZoneRangeY)
If (hKeys <> zKeys)
Loop, % %hKeys%0
Send, %  (hKeys = "DeadZone") ? "" : "{" %hKeys%%A_Index% " up}"
Loop, % %zKeys%0
Send, % (zKeys = "DeadZone") ? "" : "{" %zKeys%%A_Index% "  down}"
hKeys := zKeys

GetZone(X, Y, DX, DY, RX, RY)
If (Y < (DY - RY))
Zone .= "Up"
If (Y > (DY + RY))
Zone .= "Down"
If (X > (DX + RX))
Zone .= "Right"
If (X < (DX - RX))
Zone .= "Left"
return Zone = "" ? "DeadZone" : Zone
; ALT-F3 remaximizes Halo Spartan Assault

!F3:: ;Maximize/Restore Window
WinGet MX, MinMax, A
WinRestore A
Else WinMaximize A

; End of Script

6. Edit the name of this script "mouse to keypress.txt" to "mouse to keypress.ahk"
If you cannot edit the .txt to turn it to a .ahk then do the following:
6a. Click the Start menu. ...
6b. Type "folder options" (without the quotes). ...
6c.  A dialog box with the title "Folder Options" will appear. ...
6d. Click to uncheck the box for "Hide extensions for known file types".
6f.  Click the "OK" button at the bottom of the dialog box.
7. Double click on "mouse to keypress.ahk". (Now it's in memory!)
8. Press the '\' key. This will turn this script on and off (as long as autohotkey is running in the background)
9. Press the '[' key. A red box will appear. Move your mouse cursor outside this box and it will keep press a,s,d, or f (or whatever else keys you

assigned instead of asdf like I did). In other words, the dog runs out of the red fence, a keyboard key is pressed for that side.
10. Press the ']' Key. This will center your mouse cursor to this red box.
11. Optional. If you don't want Autohotkey to be running in the background, then select "compile script'. This will turn your "mouse to

keypress.ahk" into a "mouse to keypress.exe"

Friday, June 10, 2016

Thoughts on Starcraft 2

Here are some units that would be cool:

Instead of the Queen's transfuse ability, why not  create a unit that can transform from a zergling through the baneling tech that heals through exploding any friendly biological units or structures for 50 health in the blast radius?

Sunday, April 17, 2016

These following practices need to be weeded out of first person gaming experience!

These following practices need to be weeded out of first person gaming and game companies should be financially PUNISHED by law for implementing them: 1. Farming and grinding. These horrible game mechanics pad playthrough hours in single player games giving them the illusion of unearned popularity. In multiplayer it causes resentment of people with real lives who have little time to spend on this nonsense. 2. On launch DLC. Chopping up the complete game and "revealing" the rest of the complete game only after more money is spent. This is dishonest and builds resentment for the game companies stupid enough to trade in their reputation for a short term gain. 3. DLC in a multiplayer game can build excessive amounts of resentment for those who don't have a small fortune to spend on items that should have been included in a balanced game inventory. 4. Always online DRM. This only comforts non-gamer stockholders and punishes those who bought the game legitimately. This means that easily pirating the game produces a game that is trouble free and runs smoothly. Sort of the opposite incentive to buy a legit copy, huh? 5. Unnecessary frontends applications. Unless your game company has dozens of games available STOP this absurd and moronic practice of constipating our computing resources with miniature operating systems to peddle your one or two popular game titles. Biggest offenders: Uplay Games for windows live ... There are STILL games unable to launch because they canceled this "service"! HiRez's crappy Frontend. Spyware like HiPatchService.exe is also installed that does not close after you play Smite or Tribes Ascend. Bottom line: Let us purchase ONE TIME a play a well balanced, enjoyable experience where the gameplay quality is disconnected from our wallet. A REALLY good article on Frontends: