Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Howdy folks! I know a lot of you that read my blog come here for the Steve Jackson gamer that stole our post apocalyptic thermonuclear collective hearts but as of late I have been branching out to other boardgames and computer games.

As with any download, you have to be cautious of viruses. Personally, I use a website called VirusTotal. All you have to do is drag and drop the *.rar, *.exe *.zip *.jar, ect. on the text field, hit the blue button "Scan it!" and you're off. I have saved myself countless hours of trying to pry trojans, virues, worms and rootkits off my main drive as in the past I have been the victim of "RansomWare". https://www.virustotal.com/

My nephew likes playing this hugely popular game Minecraft and this cute little guy keeps wanting me to install Modifications. I took me a few tries \before I got the hang of it but mods sure are fun! Have you ever wanted to know what items makes what recipes?
Well ...
Where was this mod when I was playing? WOW!
Now, to run the mods, you have to have "Forge" (a mod installer) and maybe this supporting collection of code called "CodeChickenCore-1.8". Both are *.jar files and just are dropped into the Mods folder under the ".minecraft" folder when you enter in %appdata% into the RUN command.
Here is how you do it!
Step 1
Just press [WINDOWS]-R and this pops up.
Type in %appdata%. I know. There should be a
button on the start bar for this folder!
Step 2
In %appdata% there is your illusive Minecraft folder!
Here you can drag and drop packs that change the
look of the game (resource packs), skins,
maps  (under saves) and finally mods.

Step 3
If the "Mod" folder does not exist already
make a new folder and rename it Mods.
Step 4
Drag and drop *.jar files here for
Forge to load up for ya.

Here are some of my favorite Minecraft Tweaks:
Favorite skin Calvin & Hobbes (It's a toss up!)
Favorite Mod InventoryTweaks
Favorite map generator McDungeon
Favorite Resource Pack Silver Mine

Friday, September 25, 2015

As of late, I have been playing some cool games....

Wargame AirLand is a wonderfully interesting series. It is a Real Time Strategy game that does not follow Starcraft 2 in any respect.
Every unit is precious.
You lose that M1 Abrams platoon or that few helicopters you could potentially lose the conflict.
I give this game an off-the-cuff rating of 8/10.
I would give it a 9 or even a 10 for it not having a map and unit editor. Heck, I would be happy with a map/scenario editor!
Another application I picked up on the Steam Store is the Tabletop Simulator. It is pretty rough in it's present form but I see great potential for this game type in the future in that it will revolutionize the way we play once physical turn based games. It will forever blur the line between computer and table top gaming.
In fact I think it will spawn another entire type of computer game: The Virtual Table Top (VTT) or as I say "VeTT". Now all we need to do is shake off these Micro$oft chains of which we are bound. We need Steam to run on Linux - and all the games Steam sells to work with Linux.
I give this one a 7.8./10. I would give it more but there is no way to code in behaviors, rules and logical boundaries into the playing pieces and board.
Now for some person words:
Back in the late 1970s, 1980s and even the early 1990s, it was a magical time for table top game playing. When I was younger, I could play risk in my back yard under the moon and no one else besides my siblings knew we were playing a game of Risk with rules no one ever heard of. One time, we all created 12 "reinforcement cards" with a total of 24 unit reinforcements in all with a maximum of 4 per card. We even allows to gave 4 special cards mixed in that changed the game in some fundamental way, but only for ONE round of turns (everyone had to follow the rules for one of the turns). The point was to make the "reinforcement card" as hilarious and creative as possible. Think paratroop penguins invade South America or Polar Bear Cavalry defend Kamchakta.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Ever hated reinstalling windows? I have found a solution. This is my digital Hard Drive adventure.

I was wondering one day that if I could just copy the Windows installation to another hard drive every day or so, it would make me proof against the evil people that create Cryptolocker. 
All you have to have is another hard drive (or thumb drive) at least 10GB (For Winxp) and 300GB-400GB (for win7), a wonderful program called "Rufus" and another wonderful collection of useful tools called "Hiren's Toolkit". I just used this program called Rufus to place Hiren's.BootCD.15.2.iso onto a USB flash drive. It's that simple.
Here is how you do copy one Windows Installation to another:
1. Insert a USB Flash Drive at least 600MB in size.
2. Run Rufus
3. Select the Hiren's.BootCD.15.2.iso in Rufus.
4.  Let the files copy to your USB Drive.
5. Restart your computer and press the key that takes you to the boot menu.
6. Boot from your USB Flash Drive
7. Open up HBCDMenu and navigate to Programs > Backup > FastCopy
8. Run the program Fast copy.
You should only be seeing this if you booted into
USB Flash Drive only.

9. Choose your Source (the hard drive you have your windows installation on you wish to copy).
10. Choose your destination drive (The drive you hopefully formatted for the purpose).
11. Let them copy by pressing "Execute"!
12. Boot up the hard drive you copied and there you have it. No more having to reinstall windows, drives, devices, settings, ect. ect. ect.

Check this out: You can BOOT from a USB flash drive!
I was running mini-Windows XP from a USB flash drive!
There is application on this little bootable wonder called "Fastcopy" made by H. Shirouzu. Once I booted into my USB flash drive, I found a hard drive with about 320GB on it. I had JUST installed a fresh copy of Windows XP on another 1TB drive with all the drivers, applications, settings, just EVERYTHING you do NOT want to do twice (as in the case of having to reinstall your OS). Now I wanted to just COPY and PASTE this Windows XP installation with all my bells and whistles onto this 320GB drive and have the 320GB drive boot up.
The 320GB drive with this copied Windows XP installation booted up and worked perfectly.
I am going to purchase enough USB flash drives and USB external drives enough to backup my OS every three days or so. This way, I will have three completely disconnected drives with a CLONE of my current installation of Windows on it and it it gets a virus - no problem! Just go back to a previous version, copy over the last installation and I will have won over these sleeze bags that thought they had me.
Why all this zealousness? Well about a week ago, some piece of garbage somehow got cryptolocker* to run on my computer and it encrypted all my files and wanted 2.3 ฿ (about $500) to receive the "key" to unencrypt it. Thank goodness I did not have anything important on it like my family photos or my childrens books I am writing.

Tin Foil Hat Time!

Gee, I wonder why Micro$oft didn't want people to do this? 
It is a total fabrication of Micro$oft that an Operating System MUST be "booted" into and "reinstalled" in order to work.
It should be as easy to copy and paste the installation that works for you and leave it at that. You should have the choice to cut the applications and services that YOU DO NOT USE out of YOUR copy of YOUR operating system. This has a two fold result:
1. It keeps your memory open for what you have your computer for: running applications that is NOT windows.
2. Gives you more power over a piece of hardware that is YOURS, not a corporation's.

* (I didn't capitalize their name to show my contempt of their 'work' - or lack thereof)

and ................................

Friday, September 11, 2015

What about a touch pad on the left mouse button?

I sketched this up as a concept for a mouse that give the user a more precise experience.

What do you guys think? I am going to put this $30 device on my computer mouse next week. I will update if it works really well.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Is it time to jump from Chrome to another Web Browser?

Is it time to jump from Chrome to another Web Browser that does not censor us and our extentions (like adblock)?
It is almost there. Google is not some benevolent corporation that loves us users. They are after our right mandated freedom to do what we wish in blocking material we find offensive and unimportant to us. Advertisers wish to assault our senses with garbage. We have the RIGHT to block that influx of unwanted information that might influence us. I will continue to search for applications and extensions that will block ads. Before I was ambivalent to ads. Now they are my online enemy because of the unrighteous and unjust censoring of tools I used to save me time and energy.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

I think I found a precursor to the mighty ORE Mark 2

Maybe this version of the tank is a manned version of a cybertank.
What do you all think?
I am not even sure WHAT to call this. It looks like some military took all their extra weapons they were not using and threw them up onto six individual tank chassis!

Friday, August 28, 2015

"What happens to the OGRE after it leaves the board?"

The question was asked on the forums "What happens to the OGRE after it leaves the board?"
Well, I have an answer:

People throw it a welcome back party, of course!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Howdy folks. I am sorry I have not produced much content in a long stretch. I think I have exhausted just about anything I could say about OGRE/GEV. Unless Steve Jackson comes out with an additional expansion that builds upon the original game, like a good sea surface or air-based variant of OGRE/GEV, I really do not have much more to contribute.
I seriously believe that Steve Jackson will never make a\n RTS Computer game based on the lumbering, building-sized cyber-tank because it would seriously dent into the profits of the board game and I agree with him.
Lately, I have been playing Hearthstone. Previously I played Magic the Gathering. This art-heavy game is of beautiful design but one practically needs a bachelor's degree to effectively play with all of the cards and unlimited combinations of probability mechanics. The game mechanics is so slippery when trying to predict the outcome of any deck and this is made much less predictable when you make the sample size a deck of 60+ cards.
Blizzard intelligently created two constants that were before quite variable in Magic the Gathering.
1. They kept the mana acquisition near linear. Every turn you got one more mana to work with, thus increasing the number and power of cards increasingly until the game is over. Rarely does a Hearthstone game last more than 10 turns. In Magic the Gathering, games could drag on for an hour.
2. The sample size of the deck is reduced to 30 cards. In reference to point #1, a player could typically be near the bottom of their deck after ten turns.

In my opinion, one simple game mechanic that ruined the game was a card that allowed someone to disproportionately destroy more minions that anything else could do. I quit every game when this over-powered mechanic is used. Thank goodness the card is relatively rare.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Current list of the counters I am able to make for OGRE/GEV

Current list of the counters I am able to make for OGRE/GEV:
1/1 Powered armor Infantry
2/1 Powered armor Infantry
3/1 Powered armor Infantry
1/1 Powered armor engineer Infantry
2/1 Powered armor engineer Infantry
3/1 Powered armor engineer Infantry
Infantry one shot infantry missile
1/1 Militia
2/1 Militia
3/1 Militia
Light tank
Heavy tank
Missile tank
Mobile howitzer
Light mobile howitzer
Light GEV
GEV MCP (Mobile command post)
Mobile CP (Tracked command post)
Superheavy tank
Light Howitzer
Drone Howitzer (LAD)
Drone Howitzer (LAD) unpacked
Hover Truck
Loaded missile crawler
Unloaded missile crawler
Iron Mountain Scenario Support Truck
Iron Mountain Scenario Support Light howitzer
Train 6/7 & 4/2 speed
Train 2/3 & 0/1 speed

Missile GEV (3att/1def/3rng, Mov4/2)
Missile truck (3att/1def/4rng, Mov3 wheeled)
ECM tank (3att/3def/3rng, Mov3)
EMP Tank (2att (only DIS) /1def/6rng, Mov3/2)
Laser tank (2att/1def/30rng (los), Mov1) (fire or move)
Superheavy GEV (3att+3att/4def/2rng, Mov4/1)
Howitzer GEV (2att/1def/6rng, Mov3/2)
Heavy GEV (4att/3def/1rng, Mov3/1)
Desert hopper (2att/1def/2rng, Mov3) (immune to swamps)

Loaded Light missile crawler
Unloaded Light missile crawler
1/1 Marine powered armor Infantry
2/1 Marine powered armor Infantry
3/1 Marine powered armor Infantry
1/1 Augmented unarmored Infantry
2/1 Augmented unarmored Infantry 
3/1 Augmented unarmored Infantry
1/1 Augmented unarmored marine Infantry
2/1 Augmented unarmored marine Infantry 
3/1 Augmented unarmored marine Infantry
1/1 Ranger powered armor infantry
2/1 Ranger powered armor infantry
3/1 Ranger powered armor infantry
6/1 Nuclear mine
3/1 Antipersonnel drone swarm
3/1 Anti-armor drone swarm
0/1 Recon drone swarm
6/3 Nuke drone swarm
6/2 Nuke drone swarm
6/1 Nuke drone swarm
3/2 Attack drone swarm
2/1 Attack drone swarm
1/0 Attack drone swarm

Archaic Mobile artillery
Archaic Main battle tank
Archaic APC
Archaic Regular Truck
Archaic Field artillery
Archaic Light missile tank
Archaic Fire support vehicle

Mark 1 OGRE
Mark 2 OGRE
Mark 2 Mike-one-echo from the online comic 6-Commando (The author liked it)
BTR-191 "PG" from the online comic 6-Commando
Mark 3 OGRE
Mark 3 Israilli Golem
Mark 3 Israilli David
Mark 3b OGRE
Mark 4 OGRE
Mark 5 OGRE
Mark 6 OGRE
Mark 7 OGRE
Fencer B
Black Horse (Ninja)
Mark 2 Coelacanth
Mark 7 Coelacanth
Australian OGRES Mark 1 through Mark 5
Indonesian OGRES Mark 1 through Mark 3 (including Fencers and Dopps)

2/60 Laser tower
2/30 Laser turret
Command Post
D1 Hardened command post
D2 Hardened command post
D3 Hardened command post
D4 Hardened command post
D5 Hardened command post
D6 Hardened command post
60 sp Reactor (nuclear)
80sp Fortification
70sp Fortification
60sp Fortification
10sp Production facility
10sp Jamming Station
10 sp Radar Dish
30sp Administration building
20sp Administration building
10sp Administration building
D3 Bridge
D6 Bride
Crater counter
Railroad tracks (best when printed on clear plastic then laminated)\

Fast attack mech
Scout mech
Heavy missile mech
Missile mech
Light missile mech
Heavy mech
Medium mech
Light mech
Rifle mech
Light howitzer mech
Howitzer mech
Laser mech
Railgun mech

Nihon 1/1 Powered Infantry
Nihon 2/1 Powered Infantry
Nihon 3/1 Powered Infantry
Nihon Infantry one shot infantry missile
Nihon Light missile tank
Nihon Light tank
Nihon Heavy tank
Nihon Missile tank
Nihon Mobile howitzer
Nihon Light mobile howitzer
Nihon Light GEV
Nihon Light missile GEV
Nihon GEV
Nihon Assualt GEV
Nihon Missile GEV
Nihon Command post

MISSILES: 6.35mm x 12.7mm (1/4" x 1/2")
Cruise Missile (Nuke)
6/5 missile (OGRE missile)
3/4 missile (Nihon missile)
2/3 missile

Broken road
Under water
Battle group counters (A-Z)

Monday, June 29, 2015

My OGRE/GEV material as of now.

So, I took an assessment of my best OGRE/GEV game material. I have not played this board game in years! I might have to give some of it away to someone who would play it more often than I will. When I was a kid, I used to play this game SOOOO much! It was my starter RTS, if you will.
I do have some older cardboard counters that included Mechs, buildings, ect.
Enjoy the photo spread!

Dice I am thinking of sending to a fellow GEV commander!