Wednesday, March 17, 2010

About FPS

You know - the one thing that bugs me about First Person Shooters is that the designers put graphics over content. Anyone who is anyone in the game industry can make interesting and eye catching graphics. To really make a great game that LASTS with replay value a designer needs to give the player more freedom over his avatar. What I mean is - if the avatar of the game is given a weapon, give the weapon options that are difficult at first to use but over time - and practice - the player gets better with it. I have found casual correlation between a game's learning curve and the quality of the game play. Take Tribes 2 for for an example of steep learning curves. The steep learning curve also gives more depth and team play into the experience. One just does not 'run and gun' alone. One needs to outfit his avatar with a load-out pertinent to the mission goal at the time. I see too many team based games make the choices for the player on what weapons they are to choose, what secondary equipment they carry and even what vehicles they will drive.
Bottom line about multi player team based first person shooters:
1. Give the player more freedom and choices.
2. Make it difficult for 'newbies' to be proficient in a short period of time.
3. Sacrifice graphics for more playing space and game play.
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