Sunday, March 7, 2010

DarkVoid & Fable talked about... Tribes 2 conversion?

DarkVoid, by Capcom
One of the best games I have ever played! Beautiful graphics and true jet-pack play! The weapons and enemies are a 3/5 but the landscapes and different game play are a 5.1/5! I have only played the first 5 chapters but it is amazing! If more games put as much beauty and interesting moves for the character as this game did we would have a more enjoyable game experience. Rare is the game the breaks the mold of generic A -> B vanilla weapons and moves. DarkVoid added cover to the game as well as the way they implemented it was really neat. You could roll from cover to cover and even use cliff ledges as vertical cover for when you are fighting with the jet-pack from level to level. All in all, I give this game 4.6/5. The 0.4 was for not making the enemies more varied and not really bright opponents.
I will do a full review of this game after I am done with playing it. Be patient --- we all know you all hang on my every word!
Fun: 11/12
Game play: 11/12
Value / Replay-ability: 8/12
Graphics: 12/12
Sound: 10/12
Originality: 11/12
Stability / Ease of installation: 12/12
Overall: 76/84 (90% A-)
Fable, The Lost Chapters, by Lionhead Studios
From the few hours I put into this game I found the graphics to be stunning and I liked how they put something into the game that I felt was interesting ... the element of morality. Too often these days (especially THESE days) I find games to be all about killing and not enough about building. All too often I see destruction and release of negative emotions in videos games. This game was refreshing in that you have a choice to be as negative as you wish as well as the agency to be a good force in the game. Now I know that this is an imaginary world but I like the choosing your path aspect of the game, even if it IS really obvious about what choice will yield what result morally.
Fun: 10/12
I found kicking chickens, attacking creatures and improving my character very fun. I liked the humorous moral situations I found myself in as well as the
Game play: 8/12
I like jumping and exploring, ok? I know it seems small of me but I like finding new things that really don't add much to the storyline. Exploration of the environment and conversions with people in game should be a major part of role playing games. They should have made an effort to make it multi-player or even co-op. This would have made another dynamic more apparent ... the ability for real people to make decisions together that would influence the outcome.
Value / Replay-ability: 11/12
You have the ability to replay it and make differing choices that add almost uncountable combinations to the uniqueness of your character.
Graphics: 11/12
Though the graphics were superlative in the foliage, woodwork, stonework and clothing, I found the people to be cartoonish and somewhat ugly. Maybe that was what they were going for. Aside from my preconceptions of what an RPG should be, I found they made a considerable effort despite filling the game with much content. I find that games with much content suffer from substandard graphics and the reverse likewise.
Sound: 10/12
The music was original and melodic. I liked the sound, the voice overs and the acting was convincing to a good degree.
Originality: 11/12
The concept of people making decisions that would influence the end of the story brings me back to the good old days before computer games. This, of course, would be the "Choose your own adventure books" by Bantam Books from 1979-1998.
Stability / Ease of installation: 11.5/12
I put this rating in here to determine how stable the game is with a wide array of systems. The good test of a good developed game is how well it adapts to differing systems. Not all computers systems are built the same and a good game develop company will test their product on several differing system setups for optimum performance across a wide scope of machines. I found no problem setting up this game (despite it being on four Compact disks and not on one DVD if could have been). I know it's petty, but how hard is it to place content on one DVD rather than four CDs you have to swap out?
Overall: 72.5/84 (86% or B+)
Very good game and I enjoy spending many a hour developing my good character then afterwards going on a blood soaked killing spree afterwards! (hehe)

A Tribes 2 remake with the Unreal engine.
If someone out there would make a complete mod for this engine and convert it faithfully into what was Tribes 2 ... perfection in FPS jet-pack shooters! By the way I am still looking for some brave souls to remake Tribes 2 with the Unreal engine. Maybe add some extras to the load-out menu for the re-done Tribes 2 game (with the Unreal engine) at the inventory station like a Grapple Hook (range about 20-40 meters, depending how long you hold the trigger). Additionally, maybe a Gravity gun that pulls items close to you and pushes or pulls opponents and incoming, slow moving projectiles away from you slightly.
[Opinion Section]
First Person Games in General
I feel that games that include complex combinations of play into the weaponry, equipment and vehicles adds a replay value above and beyond the original, vanilla straight shooting, no frills GUN. Oh, yeah, if I had not said this ... I love jet-pack games. Maybe this goes back to when my favorite Star Wars character was Boba Fett.

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