Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Answers!

1. (page 45, The OGRE book)
Three 1:1 attacks:
vs armor: 85% = destroyed
vs Infantry: 74% = destroyed
One 3:1 attack:
vs armor: 67% destroyed
vs Infantry: 67% destroyed
More attacks are better in this case.
2. (4.04 Shockwave)
Four hexes away a D1 armor unit would be attacked at 1:1 odds by a cruise missile's shockwave.
3. (OGRE box set map)
18 across by 22 up & down
4. (unofficial - but saw it on more than four web-sites, needs a reference here because I got the answer from a Fencer-B track sheet some person put a lot of time into)
48 Tread Units for 3 hex movement for a Fencer-B off the factory line.
5. (page 19, 8.06 G.E.V.)
It would take 12 attack strength to turn a city hex into rubble.
6. (5.043 Shockwave)
4d6 ramming damage to building is caused by a Mark IV.
7. (Reinforcement pack 4.062)
61-70 treads to pull a Mark III at 2 movement
It would take a size 5 unit to shove off the road a size 2 unit.
9. (Infantry DEF=4. To to take them all out in one turn you would have to have 20 A.P. batteries pouring fire into the area as even a 4:1 odds has a chance to reduce it by one. So there is the 5:1 odds where all die rolls are a destroyed. So, it would take 20 A.P. OGRE batteries to fully eliminate a 2/1 infantry squad in a wooded area.
10. (page 11 (bottom),OGRE Miniatures)
The Descartes Revolution which increased the creativity and initiative of OGRE brains. They 'woke up' so to speak.

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