Wednesday, April 20, 2011

About OGRE/GEV counters...

I put to the people interested in this game five types.

The counter with "Galahad" on the side has the counter arranged with ATT - DEF - RNG with MOV in the upper right hand corner. The NATO symbol that denotes type of unit is on the upper left. To the right of the NATO symbol is the cost in vp (figured with the Cobb formula) and below the NATO symbol is the size of the unit - useful for many reasons. I was able to fit all of these elements on a 1/2" counter and still have it look good. It took some doing, but on a 600 dpi printer, it comes out beautifully. of counters.
Here they are:
Remember, these counters must fit onto a 1/2"x1/2" area. Visio Pro with Paint Shop Pro are used to create these counters. I love visio pro because it allows me to manipulate elements of the design without a lot of work.
Here is an explanation of the units with an easy to read legend (at least for the counters I make).

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