Friday, April 22, 2011

About those dice you saw, I'm not finished...

OK, so I showed you my CRT dice that makes the game of OGRE/GEV go fast as slick snot (ew!). Now here are a few more photos that will confirm that a counter and map based CRT war game based on a 1:3 to a 1:5 odds table should not take as long as it used to.
In my hand are 9 potential CRT dice. You could assign the red ones to OGRE attacks, the white to Combine and the yellow ones to another player. The combinations are endless...

Imagine if you could make laminated labels for six sided dice, why not make dice sets for all sorts of things? Can anyone say random dungeon generator?

My collection of CRT dice along with my extras I am still scratching my chin about what to do with...

Now I own a lamination machine. I also have about a dozen 8.5"x11" lamination sheets (basically a folded over clear plastic with unactivated glue in between) I have turn a few of these sheets (as seen in the picture of the lamination machine) in partial pieces that I can adhere permanently to pieces of paper. When I make my CRT dice I put the printable label through my laser printer, run it through the laminator with a l1-sided lamination sheet over it (to save on materials - these sheets are like a buck a sheet) and then cut out the 7/16th inch pieces and then adhere them to my six sided dice. You can pick up these dice at an online store for around $3 a dozen, but expect to pay around $10 for the shipping. My suggestion? Figure out what dice sets you want to buy, whether blank polyhedrals like these or differing color six sided like these or even close a dozen pure white six sided blanks like these from Chessex. I would LOVE to plug Chessex, they account for about 95% of my dice collection which I will show below. Chessex are fair in their shipping prices, they are reliable (no 'lost' product in the mail) and their customer service is to die for (get it - die - dice - ugh I know...). I would look around for blank dice, but if you are serious about starting a collection of quality dice, I would go with your local brick and mortar or Chessex (and no, I don't get paid every time I say it - haha - j/k they pay me 3 pesos every time).
Here is a picture of my favorite airplane.

Here is a picture of my favorite airplane. I got to see this awesome aircraft about two years ago at the Air Show flying in formation with a P-47 Thunderbolt. The A-10 Thunderbolt II (or nick-named the "Warthog") is the descendant of the great World War two Fighter.

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