Friday, April 22, 2011

About those game dice you saw...

Well, here are the plans for those game dice I have shown people on the forums. You know, those CRT dice where you roll the dice without having to consult a CRT table (don't we wish we all could do that!).
I will put them on here 1 side at a time.
1. Print out the sides to a scale where each d6 side sticker has to be 7/16" x 7/16" to fit on a 1/2" dice as I did.
2. Laminate the label you printed the dice on (hopefully in 600 dpi color for really really cool results). I can later produce the monochrome versions, but those don't look 1/2 as cool as these!
3. Carefully cut out the six laminated stickers.
4. Gently place each laminate sticker on each dice face, being careful to center as perfectly as you can.
5. Repeat the process to make as many OGRE CRT dice as you wish! I own four right now - one in each color, yellow, white, green and red. My advice is to make four CRT dice for the OGRE of the red variety and two CRT dice for each player you regularly play with of the same color. One player would two to three yellow, next player two to three white, down to the OGRE player who will have the red ones (to signify 'danger').

Note: click on them for the 443x443 pixel versions to save them. Then use a graphic design program (paint shop pro, photoshop, etc.) to shrink them to 7/16" of an inch (.4375 of an inch or very close to 11 mm).

Enjoy the five-color CRT Dice (white, red, black, gray and blue)! Everyone feels blue when they get a NE result...

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Michael Taylor said...

How are these supposed to be used?