Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Battlesuit Art (need I say more?)

This post is where I place links to all the battlesuits I find just awesome looking that could fit into the year 2050-2100 era of GURPS tech level 11 of Earth History.
1. 'Firechild' by Chris Rahn, my cousin in law (does art for W.o.t.C.)
2. Traveller Battledress comes in three types, tech level 10, TL 11 (ignore the floating cities) and TL 12
3. OGRE early Mobile Infantry prototype (Tech level 10) (by Toltrin)
4. Starcraft 2 Space Marine (Tech level 12)
5. HALO non-Spartan suits (Tech level 10)
10. Cold Navy Terran battlesuit concept (by Hadesillustrations)

Of course, the OGRE Battlesuit (TL10)
If you have any other submissions, I would love to see them!

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