Thursday, April 21, 2011

Game played with the Shockwave-3 map against an OGRE Mark 3

I thought you might be interestedIt was a solo 120 point game.
As you can see I did on my monitor with the help of my super CRT dice. I did succum to the Mark III even though I had a mark 1 on my side (which ate up 4 armor points). The circles you see are the ranges of the OGRE's main, secondaries and missiles. The red circles represent the range of the Howitzers on the Combine's side. I tried to have them overlap as much as possible, but I I think I roll 75% of the time 1-4 on the treads of that dang Mark III. I was just unlucky I guess. By the way my dice I make are perfectly balanced (to a significant degree).
Playing it this way works out the kinks in both my counter creation and practice in game play. It also works out, in short order, what scenario mechanics work and which do not. I hope you enjoy the pictures!
For those techicals, I used Visio Pro, Paint Shop Pro (to capture the map from OGRE map maker) and just visio pro graphic tools to make the circles and add counters (as many as I wished).

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