Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I have a new kind of dice that will save a lot of time...

For years I have calculated the odds, rolled a dice, looked at a Combat Results Table, cross referenced it then determined the result of the battle. It is longer than you think if you have over 20 pieces to do this with and that is a conservative estimate.
I present my very own invention ... (drum roll)
A larger picture of the CRT Dice for the OGRE/GEV board game are here if you sign up with boardgamegeek . I have made four such dice to so far. As it stands I tried stuffing a 1d12 Combat Results Table onto a dodecahedron but the lettering would have been all too small to read. Maybe if you made it larger like this desk calender made of paper ... I dunno - imagine trying to stuff that back in the game box. But it worked perfectly for quickly rolling for a six probability roll from five possible odds. As shown in this CRT from OGRE Miniatures:

Here is the OGRE/GEV CRT I put on my CRT dice. All the dice I created were specifically created for OGRE/GEV in mind as I own four of these cool game-specific dice. I would be more than happy to create a bog where, step by step, I show you guys interested how to create a CRT dice for OGRE/GEV.

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