Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Dice Collection

Dice, Dice, Dice!
I hear a lot that objects have stories. I collect exotic, rare and interesting dice from all over.As this might not sound exciting to some people, I find it connects me to my past when I was a shy teenager interesting in math when other kids were out playing football or soccer.
My original Gamma World dice from my Gamma World second edition set I bought back in the mid 1980s. The local game shop had a few box sets that had promotional clear dice inside for an extra $4. I Splurged. The wax in this dice has stood the test of time since 1986, when I first 'waxed' it. 
Like 24 sided and 16 sided diamonds! I like these dice because they give me more variety in the random spread I can give to a random event or encounter. Plus they look really cool, IMO.
My exotic dice collection I use when playing  Role (not roll, remember) Playing Games. You will see missing dice  from a few sets. I show these to other people and I just have to give them one or two to remember me by...
I built this originally to roll stats for Travelers game characters. In Travelers, each character has five stats rolled at 2d6 points per stat. This closed 'rolling box' contains ten small dice. No lost dice, no external blame for a poor roll just convenient, don't you think?
Yet another find at Goodwill. A blank blue dice I can put stickers on and make into another specialty dice.
As my nephew calls them, my 'pirate dice'. The ones are replaced with a skull and crossbones.
At Goodwill I found this game box. If you ever want to make your own game, don't waste your money on a box at some fancy store, buy a game at Goodwill for few dollars you will never play then place contact paper over it and make it into your new gamebox. This is what I did with my OGRE/GEV material. All my OGRE/GEV material lives in a game box designed originally as a Harry Potter game.

This game came with seventeen dice that I can put labels over to make more CRT dice.

A true treasure full of dice!
My set of trick dice! I loved pulling these out for the nieces and nephews. They all wondered how I used my 'powers' to make them roll seven each and every time...
And here is how it was done. No magic here...

My great uncle used to play monopoly with this surprisingly well preserved monopoly dice back in the during the depression. My grandmother gave it to me after she heard I collect interesting and rare dice. Bless her soul, she is not longer with us.
Got this at an antique store. Not sure why all the faces read five dots. Anyone have a clue about this one? I sure don't. I bought it just out of curiosity sake.
An original Dungeons and Dragons 1st edition d10 dice. I lost the other ones but I can still remember fighting that rust monster in home room in middle school. I remember because I used a magical glass sword.
My pathetic first try to make a CRT dice.


Alfrik said...

The die with all 5's on it is part of a pair of dice, the other having all 2's on it. Used to have a set sometime in the early 70's.

Asher said...

I had a pair of trick dice like that, too. The other one had two sixes and four twos, so one would always win on the first roll of craps.