Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New generic Scenerio

I was fooling around with scenerios and I realized something. When I make a map with Ogremap that map cannot be reproduced easily for those who would like to play out the scenerio. So in the foreseeable future I will be using the maps that came with the OGRE/GEV sets.
I think I may have found a way to change the map with the use of a laser printer and printable transparencies. This way I can place large lakes, river systems, extra forest, swamp areas, cities, craters, stretches of road, streams systems and even a layout of the distance of a howitzer's range. These transparencies would work on any existing map that has 1/2" = 1 hex. Of course I will make these templates available to those who ask me. Right now I have not made any of them but I will soon.
Here is my FIRST scenerio. It's a raid with GEVs and 1 Mark III regular OGRE. They are after Command Center Alpha because the Combine have factory plans for creating a new type of ECCM. All that has to happen is that a Paneuropean unit come within one hex of the command center Alpha and make sure that no damage comes to it to 'hack in' to the complex, thus stealing the data.
I know it's rough, but I like it!
If you can print out the map - more power to you.
Yes, I know there are annoying ads. But, hey, free picture hosting, right?

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