Friday, April 29, 2011

A new look at playing OGRE solo...

A new look at playing OGRE solo...

I was playing solo the other day and I discovered something. To 'program' a super cybertank with motivation is pretty straight forward. We see the big picture while on the battlespace there might be situations where this tank would make the right decision based on mistaken information and they weigh the odds as fast as we blink.
There is a way to make three rolls and make the OGRE act a little more irrational (or genius if the roll is right).

First of all, roll 2 dice for each of the OGRE's turn. If a 2 is rolled 
roll on this table:
1. OGRE fires strongest weapon at nearest weakest target.
2. Move away from primary target at full speed this turn.
3. Attempt to ram secondary objective until destroyed for this turn and next turn.
4. Move randomly for 1 turn ignoring primary and secondary objectives.
5. Attack nearest strongest target with weakest effective weapon.
6. If a swamp is near, enter it if in range, otherwise move only 1 hex.
Primary objective (CP) 5 hexes away? Cease rolling for movement change and choose the most direct way there but still roll on the OGRE Strength Priority Roll.
Secondary Ojective priority roll
1. Infantry -> Armor -> GEV
2. Infantry -> GEV -> Armor
3. Armor -> GEV -> Infantry
4. Armor -> Infantry -> GEV
5. GEV -> Armor -> Infantry
6. GEV -> Infantry -> Armor
OGRE Strength Priority Roll for each priority unit roll
1. 1:1
2. 1:1
3. 1:1
4. 1:1
5. 2:1
6. 3:1
Movement Priority Roll (roll for each movement point)
1. Left or Right
2. Backward Left or Forward(if priority target is out of range behind, otherwise Forward)
3. Forward or Right
4. Right or Left
5. Backward Right or Forward(if priority target is out of range behind, otherwise Right)
6. Backward or Left (if priority target is out of range behind, otherwise Left)


DangerDiplomat said...

Great ! Looking forward to trying this out. I greatly appreciate all efforts at enhancing solo gaming options.

B. D. said...

Tried this out last night and it worked petty good.