Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The OGRE Ninja and it's Electromagnetic Banks

According to the 'YACD-Silly' calculator, you can input the speccs for a OGRE 'Ninja' with 4 EM banks and it comes out to 150.5 vps. I think this thing is pretty accurate. It says that Ninjas only have 3 EMs, but I gave it one more to make it an even 150, as reported in OGRE miniatures on page 11.

OGRE Ninja
150 vp
1 Main 0
2 Secondary 00
8 AP 0000 0000
1 MSL rack 0
4 Internal MSL 0000
2 External MSL 00
4 Electromagnetic Banks (D3) 0000
40 Treads (starts at M4)
00000 00000 M3
00000 00000 M2
00000 00000 M1
00000 00000 M0

Here are the rules for the Electromagnetic Banks.

Other things pertaining to my hobby. I am looking for casting material and resin to create my own 1/285th scale miniatures. I have designs already from old electronic parts, old plastic models and other material. I might even cast a few more Dopps to make up for the fact that this model is discontinued. Don't worry, I will not sell them as the design is not mine. I might create new OGRES for the passing mentions in 'GURPS OGRE' and the 'OGRE Book' in the material. OGRES such as the Nihon models, the Chinese 'Dragon' and the Israeli 'Golem'.
I already own every single model sold through Warehouse 29, even the ones not available anymore. I have a Doppelsöldner still in the plastic, the Combine Laser Tower and an LAD (with it 'folded up' as well) as others probably not available anymore.

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