Tuesday, April 19, 2011

OGRE/GEV Light Missile Tank Counters!

For both the Paneuropeans and Combine, here are the Light Missile Crawlers. Why should the missile tanks have all the fun?
Light Missile Tank
(6 vp)
from 'The OGRE book', pg. 57 by Timothy C. Wiedel, Ph.D.
ATT: two expendable 6/5 OGRE missiles fired one at a time with a point defense for overruns only (1/0 pt def on counter)
RNG: 0
DEF: 2
MOV: 2 (as a missile tank)
1 armor unit equivalent.
Note: Buying a missile tank chassis with only point defense machines guns that have only a one strength in an overrun is not really a good buy at 6 vp (1 armor unit). This was meant to be the reverse side of the counter as I have found a relatively easy way to two side counters I print out (I use labels and a light board).

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