Friday, April 22, 2011

One day a Mark VIII Peaches scampered onto the battlefield...

Board View, 5 feet x 5 feet

A Mark VIII "R.O.U.S." emerges over the mountains. The birds silenced their songs, the grass hissed by the passing wind and heads stared in shock at their holotanks. A hush fell over the lazcomm frequencies as a collective shock rippled through the battlefield. Most of those present in the battlespace have heard of such an aberration, but those were only legends. Around the campfire, the unsuited mobile infantry fearfully refer to this fuzzy horror only as 'Peaches'.

Occupying 2.4 square kilometers of ground this terrible, fuzzy and multi colored hair of warfare waddles the battlefield. The R.O.U.S. Mark VIII eyes a Paneuropean Thor Superheavy Tank with morbid curiosity. The shocked and trembling crew reach for the button that would fill their compartments with tranquilizers.

At last, to the Thor's relief, a poor Combine Battlesuit Marine meets a horrible end...
I put the Mark VIII 'Peaches' back into her barracks and gave her a cashew - er - I mean a nuclear powerback cashew (which she then put with her hundred of other nuclear cashews at the bottom of her cage - er - I mean R.O.U.S. shelter). I also 'punished' her with adoration for making my gaming experience much more enjoyable.
R.O.U.S. Mark VIII 'Peaches'
VP: Priceless
ATT: Sharp teeth and a 'cute stare no man or woman can resist'
DEF: Cuteness factor 9
RNG: 1
MOV: 4/3 (not hovercraft, but whoa can she scoot!)
Cheek capacity: 22 nuclear powerback cashews, 6 heavy tanks (not neatly stored) or eight powered infantry platoons in extreme discomfort.
Special powers: Mine laying abilities. The ability to escape any (and I do mean ANY) enclosure.
Sadly the 'Peaches' version has passed on. Her chassis rests behind the garage in a specially crafted wooden box.
On a serious note, AngusKhan from the SJG forums asked me: 
How did you make the mini's? It looks like you bought metal minis and made molds from them, and then "cast" your own, is that right?
To whom I answered him on my account on SJG Toltrin:
The casts were done with bakable clay and talcum powder. They didn't take all that long to make - the quality is somewhat inferior - but at least I have made now a Mark VIII! Complete with 5 Mains, 16 Secondaries, ect. It is quite a sight! The piece is articulated in 3 pieces. I built it just because I could. I love clay! - and yes those are risk pieces. They were easier to identify than those tiny, expensive ones, in my opinion- plus I would never run out of them.
By the time this post was written I now every mini Warehouse 29 sold as well over 140 1/285th scale Combine and Paneuropean mobile infantry. It is the works for me to reproduce many of every one of the units I have examples of in resin once I get proficient with the molding process involving casting resin.
I don't think I will reproduce the infantry though, as they are too small to produce with resin casting. They were so inexpensive, why not buy all I needed (well, wanted). You can see the post I made about them all here

My boardgamegeek profile. What is interesting is that if you Google "Toltrin" my boardgamegeek profile is the FIRST hit. It's nice to have a name all my own under 7 letters that makes it to the top of Google. I tried that with my real name and came up with a famous pharmacologist, professional make-up artist and a chemist. I guess my name is associated with people who are good at disguising themselves as they run their home made drug labs. I love   illogical assumptions, they're fun!

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