Thursday, April 21, 2011

Some hard OGRE/GEV questions...

How well do you know this game?
(These are very difficult trivia questions)
Which is better, Attacking a heavy tank with three individual infantry squads (1/1) three times at 1:1 each time or combining the three squads for a single 3:1 attack?
At what distance in hexes does a D1 armor unit attacked at 1:1 odds by a cruise missile's shockwave?
How many hexes long and hexes wide (plus or minus one hex) is the original OGRE map printed back in 1979?
How many tread units propel the Fencer-B for three hex movements?
How much attack strength needs to be done to a city hex in order for it to become rubble?
A Mark IV rams a building, how many six-sided dice in damage does it do to that building?
How many tread units would a vehicle must have in order to pull a Mark III out of the swamp at two movement hexes per turn (granted the unit had a tow essembly installed)?
What size unit can shove off the road a size 2 unit?
How many A.P. OGRE batteries would it take to eliminate a 2/1 infantry squad in a wooded area?
What important event happened in the year 2087?
0 Washed out :(
1-2 Private
3-4 Sergeant
5-6 Lieutenant
7-8 Captian
9 Colonel
10 General!
Answers in a few days.


Desert Scribe said...

Those are some hard questions! I could find the answers, but I'm feeling too lazy today to look things up.

I'm enjoying your blog. I posted about Command Post T on my blog to let other OGRE fans know about your OGRE material, so keep up the good work.

HarmlessHamster said...

Thank you, Desert Scribe. Is your avatar a troll with sunglasses? Maybe a mutated Smurf? hehe
I know the questions are hard - but try to answer them without looking, see what your rank is.

Desert Scribe said...

My avatar is a xvart from the original Fiend Folio for first-edition AD&D.

Without looking, here are my guesses to the questions:

1. individual attacks give better odds, especially if you get a D on your first or second attack.

2. if it's in clear terrain, seven hexes from ground zero

3. 18 across by 22 up & down

4. 18 tread units/hex

5. 12 total attack strength

6. four dice damage

7. 60 tread units

8. size 5 or larger

9. 12 AP

10. The Last War started that year

How'd I do?