Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Steve Jackson, the founder of OGRE/GEV is a unit now...

Here he is!
(with appreciation from the artist who drew it on page 78 in the OGRE book)

You see Steve Jackson's creations occupied a time in my life when computers were still in their infancy and turn based strategy games were still in vogue. Real time strategy have all but eclipsed the turn based variety and a new era dawns for the next generation. To have inspired a whole generation of people to play a game so simple a 10 year old could play it that teaches probability, strategy and creativeness takes a game creating genius. Steve Jackson, you are one of my favorite people! You have overcome so much in your efforts to bring fun products to the masses without corporate selling out. In fact I think I own every single one of your metal 1/185th miniatures. I might even ask him to sign the copy of OGRE 6.0 I intend to purchase when is comes out!

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