Friday, April 22, 2011

To continue the silliness I give you the Nerf Tank for OGRE/GEV!

The Nerf Tank (yes I made a counter for it):
Att: .0005 (doubled in overruns ... so .0010), One shot nuclear propelled nerf projectile. To achieve a disabled against a def 0 armor unit or building, roll a 1 on d1000. 
When attacking buildings, 1,451 one shot nuclear propelled nerf projectiles are required to reduce the structure by one. 
If indeed over 1,200 nerf tanks DO attack a building, the material from the one shot nuclear propelled  Nerf projectiles form a rubble hex of nerf material that adds .01 defense to any unit in the hex and reduces all movement by 1/2.
Def: 1 (100m thick nerf material) 
Rng: Infinite (If attack is .0005, why not make the range unlimited?)
Movement: Flying, infinite, once (after accelerating past the speed of light, inhabitants of tank are mush)
Points: .01 (600 Nerf Tanks may be bought for 1 armor unit or 6 pts)
Um, oh yeah, it's size is 120.
Cost in vp? You decide!

Here's another silly unit pulled from Steve Jackson's game forum archives (my submission):

Civilian Listening Post:
Att: 0.0323  (Have you been hit over the head repeatedly with tin hearing aids the size of a car door?)
Def: 0.0172 (The human body and giant tin earpieces offer some resistance to nuclear blasts)
Rng: 12
Move: 1/2 (1")
Able to listen for ogres over 18 km away!

One last bit of silliness:

Of course you HAVE to have this guy...

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