Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why should OGRE Ninjas have all the fun with holograms?

I thought of something that might prove to change the game quite a bit (if I have not already).
The holographic tactical deception system.

Note: Place this counter under each unit that is not real. Any counter on top of this counter is a holographic projection. Don't let your opponent touch your counters!
About a thousand pounds of expensive electronic equipment that can project up to a size 5 unit within 100 meters of the system's location. The limitation is that all the holographic systems run on the same electromagnetic frequency. What does this mean? It means that when an OGRE or manned unit with ECM capability fires at this deception and it either disappears or malfunctions, the gig is up and all other systems set up across the battlefield are useless. The surviving systems are still projecting the image of whatever unit they were programed to emit but the enemy now knows the ruse. By the time all the systems are calibrated to a new electromagnetic frequency (it would take days to retool) the battle would already be over.
How it works in game:
For 3 VPs per unit you can place a counter of any unit you wish up to size 5 on ANY hex. This system may not move, attack, spot of do anything but be a three-dimensional representation of what is was programmed to imitate. It has a defense of 1 for all tactical purposes. Once one is destroyed on the battlefield, all other of these systems are removed. It cannot be placed on any vehicle moving at more than 3 mph as projecting a hologram with bare bones electronics would upset the emissions (no slapping it on a GEV/PC and have a mobile Superheavy 'protecting' an area). Only an OGRE sized vehicle would be stable enough and have enough electronic hardware to pull off a fully mobile illusion of another unit.

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