Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You see Steve Jackson's creations occupied a time in my life when computers were still in their infancy and turn based strategy games were still in vogue. Real time strategy have all but eclipsed the turn based variety and a new era dawns for the next generation. This new era of gaming is that of electronically assisted immediate gratification. Thus, real life personal interaction is a product of yesteryear, unfortunately. Do people not realize that about
3/4 of communication is non-verbal?
Steve Jackson inspired a whole generation of people to play games
face to face. He created a turn based strategy game so simple a 10 year old could play it. This simple war-game, inspired by the Bolo! series, taught probability, strategy and creativeness to young people and probably helped many young people to overcome their fear of math in one way or another!
Steve Jackson has overcome government legal pressures to restrict his freedom of speech, a feat many of us cannot say we have.
One a side-note, I think I own every single one of your metal 1/185th miniatures. I might even ask him to sign the copy of OGRE 6.0 I intend to purchase when is comes out!
Here are some photos of my
collection (as well clay reproductions that flesh out my army!) I even messed around with swapping out turrets on my Fencer, Mark 1, Mark 2, and even puting a NINJA trailer on the rear of my Mark IV Chassis. The third one (the Mark 1 with the upgunned double main armament on it actually has states.
Combine Mark 1 'Halberd'
(42 vp, or 7 armor units)
Created in limited numbers for spearheading Eastern Russian armor assaults on ammunition production facilities.
(x2) Mains (4/3) 00
(x6) AP (1/1) 000 000
(x21) Tread Units
0000 000 M3
0000 000 M2
0000 000 M1
Drops to M0
(It's kind of fun making new OGREs and testing them out)

The last picture is what happens when you place small magnets on the bottom of all your miniatures and happen to have a file cabinet nearby...

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