Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Been in Utah - but thinking of Bolos

Been in Utah visiting relatives so not much content. You have probably heard this before so many times. Why tell people there is no content in the first place? It's like saying "Here - look at this hole in the ground!" lol
Anyways, broke my molar on some corn nuts so I have to go to the dentist ... one of the things I have to do that I do dreadfully dread (yes, I know - I said it twice).

So, I was wondering where Steve Jackson thought of the giant cybertank idea. As I have read, he realized that instead of stacking a bunch of counters you can make just one to represent a a giant force - one on a single set of treads!
Then I found a collection of interesting science fiction by Keith Laumer.
Here are some examples (and very cool art) I found online that pretty much sums up Bolos.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Math explained in ONE WORD.

People themselves all the time when taking a mathematics course "When will I ever use this?" or "How is this applicable to me in my daily life?" As I see it both are valid questions just as a mechanic would ask if he would use a certain tool he is about to buy. You are buying mathematic knowledge with time (and brain energy - but that is not a scarce resource as far as I know). The question is what is math really about - in one word?
As I see it mathematics is about predicting events from existing data. 'Where is that ball going to 'land' in relation to the earth?' or 'when will that train arrive?' are questions that demand a predictive answer. Within the margin of error equal to the measurement tool you are using and the premise you set you can predict anything. Theoretically if you had a measuring tool that was perfect and a set of laws that applied to all energy and matter, you could predict time itself - in other words... see into the future. Since we do not live in a clean room nor are the laws of physics perfect (the laws start to break down below a certain microscopic point) we will have to rely on statical probabilities and data sets collections to predict our future to a wide varying degree of error.
I have observed something about math that would help people better understand the mechanism by which it operates.
Math can be broken up into three parts:
1. Data Set
2. Graph
3. Equation

They are all interconnected. In a graph you can see graphically a rough idea of what kind of equation is used and from what 'family' that equation is from. In a data set you create an equation that equal in accuracy as how many points you have. Then the equation is a complex set of symbols and numbers that represent a simple function in this statement: "If I input this number I get this different number."
As my analogy to the mechanic is a rough one, it is the only analogy that describes math in it's syntax. You look at what tools you need to predict some event, location, length or volume (to varying degrees of accuracy) and choose accordingly. Do you need calculus for everyday life? Well, depends on if you are a rocket scientist or a mechanic. One uses it in it's detail and the other uses it in rough application.
Here are some simple mnemonics for mathematics:
A frowning graph is an even negative one.
A happy graph is one that just got even (The graph of X^(even) = a 'u' or 'n' shape)
It's super to be odd. (The graph of X^(odd) = an S shape)
Why can't i exist? Because it's imaginary.
An inflection point is where you  gravity stops or starts taking over when skiing the slope and becomes a mountain or valley in it's derivative.
If a graph is X^(even) then both lines creating the graph will be be pointing up or down.
If a graph is X^(odd) then one line will point up and the other down.
If a graph is X^(fraction) then it's graph looks like a cannon ball shot without gravity to pull it down.
If a graph is X^(negative whole number) then there will be two lines mirroring each other. (Essentially 1/X^(number))
If a graph is X^(negative fraction) then it's graph looks like a marble dropped from a building but the marble hovers over the ground - getting closer and closer to the ground but NEVER landing.

These are some things I learned from being a calculus and algebra tutor. I hope it helped.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I solved the movement problem for Militia in OGRE/GEV!

Put em all on mountain bikes!!!
LOL, thing is - on roads and clear terrain this actually would work...
...maybe put them on motorcycles or something so they can handle
more gear and the minis for them would not look dorky.
In the future of 2035+ I would think they augmented their non-power-suited infantry with mechanisms that would allow them to keep up with (to some extent) military maneuvers of the 21st century...
These units would put the term 'Buns of Steel' into real practice...

A new tank that appeared in Siberia... Russian made of course...

Here you go!
The Combine is yet to identify this OGRE design, but it looks lethal.
It was a forested and mountainous area of Siberia...

Rumor has it that there is a Heavy battery (6/4, D5) two Main batteries (4/3,D4), two Medium range howitzers on the rear chassis (3/5, D2) and a missile battery (3/4, D2) on top of the turret superstructure. It is now known how many antipersonnel batteries line the rim of the chassis. Rumor has it that there are 60 tread units beneath this monster. The sensor tower on this model seems to have been salvaged from a Mark V hulk.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Play outside with your minis!

Ever not want to get your minis dirty outside and play a serious game treating the real grass as forest, rocks as mountains and patches of dirt as clear terrain? Maybe there is even a small puddle or 'river' of water running through the battlefield. Maybe you just want a game that covers 20' x 20' (240" x 240" or 120 hexes wide and tall!). Your yard, if varied (like mine is) would give you excellent terrain choices!
All you have to do is glue magnets to the bottom of all your minis. First of all, they are really not visible if you do it right and second if you drop one in the grass - you can always run a steel pipe over in the general area and it will find you!
The humble nail, very cheap to buy...
Put a magnet (any magnet really) on the bottom of your mini and then...
... then put the nail on your magnet super glued to your miniature.

Looking good so far. I have to not that I made only a few copies of these minis in clay for my nephew to play with. They didn't turn out very well, but boy did he LOVE to play with them!
The same heavy tank faces off against a Heavy Tank and a GEV in Forested terrain!
You just stick the nail with the miniature on it into the ground. Simple!
Three 1/1 Powered Infantry Squads at my fingertips, literally.

Placed into the ground they are a very powerful force to be reckoned with.
A 3/1 Infantry Squad moves into the open. Little do they know they are not
alone while on their patrol...

Two enemy Heavy Tanks close in on a 3/1 Platoon that is sitting in the clear.
That Platoon better get into the woods!

They split up as a squad jump jet hops away for help and the rest stay and
hold off the heavy tanks...

The 1/1 squad decides to not chicken out and stays with his buddies. How long can they last against those tanks coming out of forested terrain? ... stay tuned!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Two new OGREs I created out of spare parts....

They are probably Russian designs as they have no tower and the chassis is built around one HUGE turret.
Designed with 1 main battery (4/3, D4) and 2 secondaries (3/2, D3) in the turret it has 2 external missiles (6/5,D4) in th back along with an OGRE howitzer (6/5,D3). In the front you see a missile tank battery (3/4). Two extended range secondaries (3/3, D3) were placed along the mid chassis region. It has 48 treads, size 7, 8 AP batteries and is worth 100 VPs. Yes, there are 6 separate tread assemblies. In order to fire the howitzer, the OGRE must top all movement that turn in order to fire it.
Russian Rebinski T-133
120 vp.
1 Main battery (4/3, D4) 0
2 Secondary batteries (3/2, D3) 00
2 Extended range secondaries (3/3, D3) 00
2 External missiles (6/5,D4) 00
1 Howitzer (6/5,D3) 0
8 AP batteries 0000 0000
1 OGRE Hitch (D5) 0
48 Tread Units
0000 0000 0000 0000 M3
0000 0000 0000 0000 M2
0000 0000 0000 0000 M1

Combine mobile laser OGRE
Built around a laser emplacement, this monstrosity was not built to assault the front line. It has a drone arm turret to help with engineering projects and the deploy the Light Artillery Drone it carries for self defense. It has four rail guns (2/7, D3) for long range defense against cruise missiles and GEVs. It has 8 AP batteries, a missile tank battery in front (3/4) and a laser battery (2/30, D5) in the main turret.  It also has a hitch for towing other vehicles. It has 60 tread units, is size 7 and is worth 210 VPs. For engineering projects, it is worth three 1/1 squads of Engineering Infantry for building purposes. The laser OGRE must stop in order to fire it's laser. If it intercepts a cruise missile or attempts and fails, it may not fire the laser next turn (it's recharging). Otherwise, it may fire on anything in line of sight every turn at 40 hexes away due to the chassis being off the ground 24 meters. 
Combine 'Lightening Rod' Mobile Laser Emplacement 
120 vp.
4 Rail guns (line of sight only, 2/7, D3), 0000
1 Laser Emplacement (2/40, D5) 0
1 Reinforced Rocket Battery (3/4, D3) 0
Drone turret arm (worth three 1/1 ENG INF for building, D3) 0
1 undeployed L.A.D. on chassis (D1)
8 AP batteries 0000 0000
50 Tread Units
00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 M2
00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 M1
The Oregon coast has been invaded by a Paneuropean force via underwater submarine OGRE carrier the size of a superfrieghter! As Portland is a major base for contructing Medium sized OGRE submarines, Paneurope wants to put them out of action. Two OGRE Submarine hyperfacs exists on the map marked with CP Alpha and CP Beta. CP Gamma represents the Headquarters for the Portland Metro area and is responsible for jamming any missile signals for 12 km in all directions.Portland and it's outlying areas are now under martial law...

Click on this map and print it out for unit placement. Doppelsoldners are placed on A1 and Z1 on the map. The red circle represents the jamming radius where all units within attain a +1 to their defense.

Click on this map, print it out (it prints to 4 sheets of 8.5x11) and tape it together.

The Battle of Portland!

»Mount Tabor gives +2 range to any unit on the hex and can only be entered into from the South (hence the hedging).
»Any unit on the right hex of the tunnel (half the word tunnel is in this hex) gains +2 range but can only be entered into by road. Any unit shoved over the cliffs results in falling damage equal to 7 levels (about 130 feet). This is a real cliff.
»The Tunnel leading into Downtown Portland can only handle a size 4 unit or less unit. All other units must go around the 'hedging' which are actually cliffs. There is really a tunnel that goes into a mountain and comes out the other side to downtown Portland. It's about most direct route there, trust me.
»Oswego Lake is treated as crossing water, not a stream.
»The Airport does not give any defense or movement bonuses but could be a good VP target...
»All bridges have 40 SP, are size 9, and can handle any unit up to size 8.
»CP Gamma is a Jamming station that adds 1 defence to all units within 8 hexes of it.
»All water hexes are shallow enough that the OGRE gains a +1 defense to all systems except treads (of course) but still costs the OGRE two hexes in movement.
»All Combine infantry are assumed to have Marine Battlesuits.
3 Missile Racks (D4) 000
20 Missiles (6/5) 000 000 000 000 000 000 00
2 Main Battery (4/3 D4) 00
8 Secondary Battery (3/2 D3) 0000 0000
12 Anti-Personnel (1/1 D1) 0000 0000 0000
60 Tread Units (DEF at 1:1)
00000 00000 00000 00000 M3
00000 00000 00000 00000 M2
00000 00000 00000 00000 M1

Paneuropean player Objective VP points
» For each OGRE submarine pen destroyed (marked with CP Alpha and CP Beta) by the Paneuropean player: 50 vp
» Jamming station (CP Gamma) destroyed: 40 vp
» For each bridge destroyed by the Paneuropean player: 20 vp
» For each hex of downtown Portland (Q11, R11, Q12, R12) turned to Rubble by the Paneuropean player: 10 vp
» The Tunnel leading into Portland (N9) destroyed by the Paneuropean player by applying 24 attack damage or more: 30 vp
» Both Doppelsoldners destroyed before they can do more than 300 vp in unit damage: Combine player obtains a decisive victory.
» Each Doppelsolnder escapes to the West after destroying one Sub Pen (CP Alpha or CP Beta): +100 vp
Combine player Objective VP points
» Each Doppelsolnder destroyed: 210 vp
» Lost less than 100 vp worth of units: +50 vp
» Lost less than 200 vp worth of units: +100 vp
» Lost less than 300 vp worth of units: +150 vp

Victory Conditions.
Paneuropean obtains 400-490 vp in objective VP points: Promoted to Brigadier General!
Paneuropean obtains 300-399 vp in objective VP points: Promoted to Full Colonel!
Paneuropean obtains 200-299 vp in objective VP points: Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel!
Paneuropean obtains 100-199 vp in objective VP points: Get to keep your position as Lieutenant.
Paneuropean obtains 10-99 vp in objective VP points: Demoted to Private
Combine Player obtains 600+ vp in objective VP points: Promoted to General of the NorthWest Intel Hyperfac!
Combine Player obtains 500-599 vp in objective VP points: Promoted to Brigadier General of Portland!
Combine Player obtains 400-499 vp in objective VP points: Promoted to Brigadier General and a parade is thrown in your honor in Portland!
Combine Player obtains 300-399 vp in objective VP points: Promoted Full Colonel!
Combine Player obtains 200-299 vp in objective VP points: Get to keep your position as Lieutenant.
Combine Player obtains 100-199 vp in objective VP points: Demoted to Private.
Combine Player obtains 10-99 vp in objective VP points: Demoted, then thrown into the brig for incompetence.

Promoted to Brigadier General = The other player buys you a 24 pack of their favorite soda or one of his favorite miniatures from Warehouse 23 ($10 limit) (his choice).
Promoted to Brigadier General and a parade is thrown in your honor = The other player buys you a 12 pack of their favorite soda or one of his favorite miniatures from Warehouse 23 ($6 limit)(his choice) AND the other player gets to do a victory dance.
Promoted to Full Colonel =  The other player buys you a 2 liter of their favorite soda.
Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel = You get to choose a minor chore around the house or apartment that they will have to do for a full week.
Get to keep your position as Lieutenant =  Nothing is won, sorry.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Aircraft in OGRE/GEV?

Aircraft in OGRE/GEV?
When it comes to aircraft in the near future it would seem that computers trump the human pilot. A drone or remotely piloted aircraft directed by an OGRE brain is much much more effective than a human could ever fly it at. To do the manuevering and hard ECM it requires a computer, therefor all combat aircraft are drones flown by specialized, sophisticated computers.

Maximum defense is D9 from maneuvering and active ECM aircraft since it manuever harder than going zero speed allows.
There is no minimum speed or maximum acceleration or deceleration.
+1 defense (up to a limit of D9) if there is an OGRE within 4 hexes of the drone. The OGRE may fly that one drone and may not fire or move while controlling this drone.
8 MOV D1
7 MOV D2
6 MOV D3
5 MOV D4
4 MOV D5
3 MOV D6
2 MOV D7
1 MOV D8
0 MOV D9

Nap of the Earth (50m to 120m) +1D, ordinance at fired at 50% range (rounded down)
roll 1:2 every turn, DIS = cannot attack this turn and X = destruction (no hulk)
Level 1 (120m to 1200m)  -1D, ordinance at fired at 75% range (rounded down)
Level 2 (1200m to 3000m) -2D, ordinance at fired at 100% range (rounded down)
Level 3 (3000m to 4500m) -3D, ordinance at fired at 125% range (rounded down)
Level 4 (4500m to 6000m) -4D, ordinance at fired at 150% range (rounded down)
Level 5 (7500m to 9000m) -5D, ordinance at fired at 175% range (rounded down)
Level 6 (9000m to 10500m) -6D, ordinance at fired at 200% range (rounded down)

Any unit within range of the aircraft can shoot it down without having to roll on the CRT if the aircraft's defense is negative or at zero.

An aircraft could travel 5 hexes/turn to have a D2 defense (D4-D2) for 100% range for it's ordinance.
At speed 1 an aircraft would have double the ordinance range but have a defense of 1 until it's next turn.
You could go Nap of the Earth at MOV4, decrease your ordinance range by 1/2 and have D7. But every turn you would have to roll 1:2 to crash (x result) or furiously maneuver to avoid obstacles (dis result). Of course you are putting yourself within range of every ground unit with 1 range. If you fly over a ground unit at Nap of the Earth then it's considered an overrun and drone aircraft do not receive any defensive or offensive bonuses in an overrun.

When you encounter a forest, urban areas or anything that rises above 120m you must go up to level 1 to fly over it or crash and be destroyed (into the terrain).
Being behind any terrain as high as or higher than 120m counts as defensive air cover. Being behind this cover gives the aircraft an extra two defense.

Make your own missile or bomb by using this formula:
ATT x RNG = payload weight. For the reasons of this equation, 0 range is equal to 0.5. The 0.5 range is kept for even a bomb because even a bomb benefits from being dropped from 12000m (would travel 1 hex instead of zero hexes).
The aircraft has a weight limit of 30.
The volume limit is 6 missiles and/or bombs.
You may combine the fire of any missile or combine the fire of any bomb, but not together.
The maximum ATT is 6 and the maximum range is one less of it's attack factor. 6/5, 5/4, 4/3, etc.
Once all the ordinance carried is expended, the aircraft has only it's AP battery left as an offensive option (bug out!).

ATT does not matter, the payload matters. An aircraft is ATT = 0 except in air to air. The close quarters cannon is a 1/1 AP battery useful against infantry, D0 targets and other aircraft. The AP battery may only be used at level 0 or 1 at a ground target at 1 attack against D0 units or infantry. Against an air target is may be used against any aircraft within one range with an attack of 1. Elevation has no effect on the range of this AP battery on the drone for air to air purposes. Every drone has one AP battery. Extra AP batteries may be installed at 2 wht.

DEF (defense) does not matter because speed and height determines it's defense. It being hit with a brilliant mini nuke will even destroy the most heavily armored aircraft with a near miss. In the future, an aircraft's ONLY defense is it's near unpredictable maneuverability and active ECM. For every one speed less spent in unpredictable manuevering than eight speed it gains +1 DEF (to a maximum of D9 at MOV 0, or maneuvering furiously within a 1500m area). For every height level over it loses one defense (but gains range for it's payload).

RNG does not matter, the range is determined by the payload being released at a certain altitude.
Level is also vertical range. If an aircraft is at level 3 then it is out of reach of a unit that can shoot up to 2 hexes away.

MOV does not matter, drone aircraft of the 2035-2070 period can hover, turn on a dime and basically manuever like a leaf on the wind. They can also go blisteringly fast that would leave the SR-71 in the dust. However, going really really fast does not make it immune to lasers and hyperfast missiles fired at the lowest levels. Acceleration and decelleration, within 4 minutes is a non-issue. A drone may change from M0 to M8 in one turn if it wishes or vise versa. The drone may change one level of elevation with one movement unit.

Level 0 Nap of the earth (50m to 120m) = +1 defense. Aircraft flying nap of the earth roll on 1:2 every turn. A DIS results in the aircraft not being able to attack this turn due to having to maneuver (barely) around some ground object. An X, on the other hand, means the aircraft crashed, is destroyed and is removed from play. No hulk is provided ... it's remains are scattered across 1500m.

Here are the types of NATO type military unit symbols fielded in 2025-2070

All the units I create for this alternate universe war game are as such:

Reinforcement Dice! Yay! No more reinforcement tables!

Yes, Reinforcement Dice!

Ever get tired of wondering where your support will come from when you are losing GEVs as fast as the OGRE can blaze them into tomorrow's glory? Well, wonder no more!
Applied vie sticker (printed on a laser printer) by this following design:
As you can see there are two columns 'seperated' by a change of position. The first two symbols represent unit types. Let's say a side that shows an Armored GEV Chassis symbol & Infantry Symbol in the right hand side and an Armored Chassis symbol & GEV Chassis symbol on the left. If you had 18 vp to spend on reinforcements on your reinforcement turn, you could split up those points between either Armored GEV Chassis or Infantry and Armored Chassis or GEV Chassis. Personally I would choose two light GEVs (6 vp), an 'Gopher' Tracked Armored Carrier [1/2, D3, M3, 4 size that holds up to 3/1 Infantry (6 vp) and a Company 3/1 of Infantry (6 vp).
You could create your own make up by using this dice (or table) into any reinforcement make up you wished.
The following are examples of what you could choose:
You will notice I placed MECHs and Trucks in many of the reinforcement boxes. I thought why not make the trucks more accessible in case you choose a one shot weapon or artillery that needs to be towed?
In fact, I might make a unit that is a strictly towing unit for pulling units out of the muck and moving artillery around. Any suggestions?

Another this you might have noticed that Nihon units are represented as well. Unless you are of the Nihon army side, you may not choose a Nihon unit.

I represented the 1/1 face of each infantry, but you may purchase as many Infantry as points and combination permits. It's always nice to have infantry - especially on an urban heavy map. Maybe it's a water heavy map and you need underwater presence. Maybe there are a multitude of bridges to patch or a road network needing fixing...

Ah, the one shot weapon systems. I am surprised there were not a variety of them to choose from. I mean I am thinking of developing light one shot weapon carriers that can shoot four 3/5 missiles.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rule balance, consistency and simplicity equals fun.

»Rule balance, consistency and simplicity equals fun.
»It all started when the question was asked: Spill-over fire applies to ground units in a 1500m radius, why not the OGRE at 1-30 meters between weapon systems?
:( » Experimentation with the idea of the weapons NEXT to the one being hit get spill-over fire, but this violated one of our credos: simplicity. You would have to map out the chassis to a detailed degree and that did not port at all to a simple text based record sheet.
:( » What if  one system on the OGRE gets hit, the sensors and ECCM capability (the tower in other words) of the OGRE is effected. Again, simplicity would be violated by excessive record keeping and probably hideous exceptions to the rule all over the place based on shaky supposition. You could, with a stretch of logic, suggest that the chassis targeting could be based on this partially though.
:) » Then what if about treating the Chassis as the Treads effect Movement. Jack-pot! Simple and balanced rule based on a previously successfully tested concept of tread targeting at 1:1 and based on over 30 years play testing. Now there is a third way to attack the OGRE, another strategy, not an exploit.

Thanks in part to K-Slacker for this idea:
What if OGRES could be attacked in more ways than just 2? You can attack the treads to slow it down and you can attack it's weapon systems to reduce it's attack and range (from destroying certain weapon systems).
But what if there was a way to decrease the defense of all those systems?
Aim at the chassis!
Multiply the OGRE's Size by 8. Divide that number by 4 to find it's structural point graduations:
The first 1/4 of the SP is armor. Make 4 rows having the first one being armor. The next 3 rows are the structural damage rows.
**This system will only work with OGRE chassis of size 5+. If you wish to create a new space age armor and ECM suite from Star Trek you can apply these rules to units smaller than 5 (it would be fun though).
100% to 75% SP there is no defense penalty to OGRE components.
76%-50% SP all OGRE components' defense drop by 1/3.
51%-25% SP all OGRE components' defense drop by 1/2.
26%-1% SP all OGRE components' defense drop by 2/3.
Once the OGRE's Chassis reaches 0% structural points, the brain case is breached and it becomes a hulk. If the has at least 1 structural point left (essentially a skeleton of a chassis) the OGRE may self-destruct leaving no hulk (and a shockwave as a cruise missile I suppose) if the scenario allows and everyone agrees.
Keep OGRE component DEF fractions rounded up to the nearest half. This way even 1 attack units can become useful!
Example: 2/3rds of D4 is 3.33. The defense would now be D3 instead of D4.
When all structural points are gone, it is not destroyed, just severe damage has been done to the OGRE to make the weaponry all by Defenseless.
If you decide to use this system, then when a weapon system is targeted and destroyed on the OGRE chassis, the original undamaged defense of that weapon is deducted from the Chassis Structural Points.
OGRE SYSTEM___________1/4__1/2__3/4
Missile Rack, D4____________D3___D2___D1
Missile, External, 6/5, D4____D3___D2___D1
Main Battery: 4/3, D4______D3___D2___D1
Secondy Battery: 3/2, D3__D2___D1.5__D1
AP Battery: 1/1, D1_______D.5___D0___D0

Damage level____D6__D5__D4___D3___D2___D1
Armor unbreached_ D6___D5__D4____D3___D2____D1
3/4 Strength_____D4.5__D4___D4___D2__D1.5___D1
1/2 Strength______D3__D2.5__D3___D1___D1____D.5
1/4 Strength_____D1.5__D1___D2___D.5__D.5___D0

Damage level____Rng6_Rng5__Rng4__Rng3__Rng2_Rng1
Armor unbreached_ Rng6__Rng5___Rng4__Rng3___Rng2__Rng1
3/4 Strength______Rng4__Rng4___Rng3__Rng2___Rng1__Rng1
1/2 Strength______Rng3__Rng2___Rng2__Rng1___Rng1__Rng0
1/4 Strength______Rng1__Rng1___Rng1__Rng0___Rng0__Rng0

Round all range of .5 or less down.
R0 means only in over-runs does it work. Targeting damage for that system makes it effective to only about 1500m.

When an OGRE component is at D0, DIS=X when rolled against it.

Mark-1 40 SP, 10 SP per 1/4 damaged chassis (chassis attacked at 1:1 due to ECM!)
Mark-2 48 SP, 12 SP per 1/4 damaged chassis (chassis attacked at 1:1 due to ECM!)
Mark-3 56 SP, 14 SP per 1/4 damaged chassis (chassis attacked at 1:1 due to ECM!)
Mark-4 64 SP, 16 SP per 1/4 damaged chassis (chassis attacked at 1:1 due to ECM!)
Mark-5 64 SP, 18 SP per 1/4 damaged chassis (chassis attacked at 1:1 due to ECM!)
Mark-6 72 SP, 18 SP per 1/4 damaged chassis (chassis attacked at 1:1 due to ECM!)
Ninja 56 SP, 14 SP per 1/4 damaged chassis (chassis attacked at 1:2 due to ECM!)
Dopple 72 SP, 18 SP per 1/4 damaged chassis (chassis attacked at 1:1 due to ECM!)
Fencer 64 SP, 16 SP per 1/4 damaged chassis (chassis attacked at 1:1 due to ECM!)

So, An OGRE Mark III would look like this:
Mark III the "Legionnaire."
2 Missiles (6/5 D3)
1 Main Battery (4/3 D4)
4 Secondary Battery (3/2 D3)
8 Antipersonnel (1/1 D1)
0000 0000
56 Chassis Units (DEF at 1:1)
00000 00000 0000 BPC Armor Layers (43-56)
00000 00000 0000 -1/4 defense on all systems (round down to the nearest .5) (29-42)
00000 00000 0000 -1/2 defense on all systems (round down to the nearest .5) (15-28)
00000 00000 0000 -3/4 defense on all systems (round down to the nearest .5) (1-14)
-100% = Hulk, unable to attack, move or self-destruct.
48 Tread Units (DEF at 1:1)
0000 0000 0000 0000 M3
0000 0000 0000 0000 M2
0000 0000 0000 0000 M1

»  If you were to destroy all the weapon systems on this Mark III with no Chassis specific targeting, it would have 30 structure points in damage just from destroying the weapons. This would put it in the '-1/3 defense on all systems' bracket but then there would not be any systems left to defend at this point.
»  In the case of a Doppelsoldner, you might not wish to take the Chassis route as it has 68 defense worth of weaponry on it and it has 72 structural points. It's PACKED with weaponry. Maybe it's worth doing 36 structural damage (at 1:1 always just as treads) to the Dopp to bring it's eight secondaries to a defense of D2 ...
» In play-testing it's a harder route, to a moderate degree, than the treads but the strategy was to bring it down to 1/4 damage and then attack it's weapons AND treads. 

»» The result was that it was more effective to attack the treads and weapons directly. However, we found that the more weapons on the OGRE chassis the more effective attacking the chassis was. We attacked the Dopp down to 1/4 damage and it was much less effective and easier to take down with smaller and smaller units. 
» This strategy won't be used unless statically it's nearly as effective as attacking the treads or weapons. So, to increase the effectiveness of this strategy, we included damage to the range of each weapon system as well. We thought including attack but thought against it since damage to a firing mechanism really does not effect every shell and missile within the OGRE. External Missiles, however are NOT inside the OGRE and are therefore exempt. This makes missile racks a little more effective, IMO.

»» Rational? The chassis AND sensors are taking damage and targeting suffers as a result.
» The armor row is there so that just one GEV hit or even one howitzer strike does not automatically and unrealistically decrease the effectiveness of the OGRE by a quarter.
There, Now you have three strategies to take down an OGRE (besides the sledgehammer to the fly technique of the cruise missile). Thanks, K-Slayer (even though I took your idea and RAN with it lol)!

» I suppose you could open up a new type of weapon system directed at the OGRE chassis. Maybe a special nuclear ECM explosive shell firing unit that takes it from 1:1 to 2:1 (or up to 1:1 in the case of the Black Horse or 'Ninja') on attacking the chassis. 
» Along that train of thought - why not make treads little individual D1 units at could be attacked by an uncombined attack from another unit?
Maybe have the chassis attacked at 1/2 attack but at 2:1 instead of 1:1.

ENG INF and Weapon Emplacements

ENG INF and Weapon Emplacements

I like simplicity and so does my gaming group. We like to consolidate ruleswhenever possible. This is what we did with engineering

battlesuits and weapon emplacements to make them more useful in game.

10 Simple Premises: 
1. BP (build point) = an engineer powered infantry 1/1 squad working on something or building for 1 turn (4 minutes).
2. Building a Bridge takes 1 BP per 5 SP per turn. (D3 = 30 SP. 30 SP/5 BP=6 turns, or 24 minutes)
3. Revetments have 1 SP with two defense. If it took 4 BP to build a large revetment with 1 SP then they could build small buildings.
4. Building a building takes 4 BP per 1 SP per turn. and ENG INF could build small buildings to put emplaced weapons into.
5. The building recieving a weapon emplacement would have to be the same size or larger than the emplaced weapon installed into it.
6. Installing an emplaced weapon into a building with ENG INF from a vehicle carrying the emplacement weapon takes 2 BP per emplacement weapon size per turn. (It would take 10 BP to install a howitzer into a size 5+ building from a large crawler carrying it)
7. A Laser is size 2 for the purposes of installation.
8. For structures their Defense is 1/10th of their SP.
9. For Bridges their Defense is 1/10th of the SP.
10. A weapon emplacement crawler unit has a size equal to the weapon emplacement on it for towing purposes. The crawler has attack or defense and moves only by being towed.

Here is an interesting question:
If a Large Revetment has two defense and is destroyed after the CRT roll equals an X or XX then does it make that revetment a 1 SP building?
With this same logic a D5 SuperHeavy Tank should have 2.5 SP. LOL

Friday, May 13, 2011

Privoxy, our weapon against flashing ads!

OK, I use a program that takes out ad banners from the online content I am viewing.

Here is how you use it.
Download Privoxy. It's safe to use as long as you download it from the original website.

Download the program and install it. It's safe, trust me.

Go to your Control Panel.

Click on "LAN Settings"
Enter in into the address and port 8118. Hit OK.

Then run this program from your start menu.

This will appear. You are now safe from ads!
Before using Privoxy...
After having Privoxy running in the background. I love it!
No more annoying ads that would trigger an epileptic!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Counters 5.0

Yes, it took me 5 times to finally get it right. Here are an example of each counter I have printed onto plastic, laminated twice for waterproofing and durability.

Click on it for more detail. You are welcome to copy them and make your own counters from them. :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My CRT Dice!

About a year or two ago I decided I was tired of looking to the Combat Results Table and back again to the dice I just rolled for an attack. Sometimes I would find the table absent or missing, adding time to a game that is already turn based.
Then I wondered, what if the Combat Results Table and the dice were the same thing? Well, the result is the CRT dice. The invention got great revues on Steve Jackson's OGRE forums and many adopted this time saving measure to wargaming.
Well, pictures are worth a thousand words (thanks for the correction ak_aramis lol) and I am short on time, so...