Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Been in Utah - but thinking of Bolos

Been in Utah visiting relatives so not much content. You have probably heard this before so many times. Why tell people there is no content in the first place? It's like saying "Here - look at this hole in the ground!" lol
Anyways, broke my molar on some corn nuts so I have to go to the dentist ... one of the things I have to do that I do dreadfully dread (yes, I know - I said it twice).

So, I was wondering where Steve Jackson thought of the giant cybertank idea. As I have read, he realized that instead of stacking a bunch of counters you can make just one to represent a a giant force - one on a single set of treads!
Then I found a collection of interesting science fiction by Keith Laumer.
Here are some examples (and very cool art) I found online that pretty much sums up Bolos.

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