Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ENG INF and Weapon Emplacements

ENG INF and Weapon Emplacements

I like simplicity and so does my gaming group. We like to consolidate ruleswhenever possible. This is what we did with engineering

battlesuits and weapon emplacements to make them more useful in game.

10 Simple Premises: 
1. BP (build point) = an engineer powered infantry 1/1 squad working on something or building for 1 turn (4 minutes).
2. Building a Bridge takes 1 BP per 5 SP per turn. (D3 = 30 SP. 30 SP/5 BP=6 turns, or 24 minutes)
3. Revetments have 1 SP with two defense. If it took 4 BP to build a large revetment with 1 SP then they could build small buildings.
4. Building a building takes 4 BP per 1 SP per turn. and ENG INF could build small buildings to put emplaced weapons into.
5. The building recieving a weapon emplacement would have to be the same size or larger than the emplaced weapon installed into it.
6. Installing an emplaced weapon into a building with ENG INF from a vehicle carrying the emplacement weapon takes 2 BP per emplacement weapon size per turn. (It would take 10 BP to install a howitzer into a size 5+ building from a large crawler carrying it)
7. A Laser is size 2 for the purposes of installation.
8. For structures their Defense is 1/10th of their SP.
9. For Bridges their Defense is 1/10th of the SP.
10. A weapon emplacement crawler unit has a size equal to the weapon emplacement on it for towing purposes. The crawler has attack or defense and moves only by being towed.

Here is an interesting question:
If a Large Revetment has two defense and is destroyed after the CRT roll equals an X or XX then does it make that revetment a 1 SP building?
With this same logic a D5 SuperHeavy Tank should have 2.5 SP. LOL

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