Saturday, May 7, 2011

My mission statement.

Driving can take the mind to places that walking and sitting still cannot it seems. Questions started appearing after I saw a wreck on the side of the road. 
We buzz about in our lives, playing, working, acquiring. But what happens afterwards? What are the things that we can 'take with us'? I mean really take with us?
I thought of three things:
1. Relationships
I believe that we will be reunited with our loved ones after this mortal life is over. How we will have treated them (or mistreated) will become more important than it could have ever been in mortal life. Our relationships with them will be more precious than any gem stone we could think of.
2. Knowledge
What we learn is taken with us when we leave this husk behind and pursue more nobler activities 'up there'. The more we learn about God and how He works in our lives and in the lives of others will be paramount to anything we could ever learn on earth. 
Additionally, any knowledge acquired in this life will be of great use to us in the life to come.
3. Choices
Our life on earth is temporary and we will not get younger as time goes on in this school house of a planet. Therefore our choices are important in that after we die we cannot 'go back and do a do over' like you can in a video game. We are here to see if we will obey natural laws ... the same natural laws God uses to run the universe. If our choices no not reflect our willingness to give up anything to obey God then it will not matter what we have chosen instead of God when we pass on.

There I just had to get that out there. You CAN take something with you when you leave these mortal coils! We should use our material things to enrich the lives of others, increase our knowledge of the laws of the universe and choose to follow our conscience. I read in a book once that life did have a formula.
BE -> DO -> HAVE
I thought and thought about that formula and the more I thought about it the more it made sense. It seems to me that some have the formula backwards in that they think that a thing will give them happiness.
HAVE -> DO -> BE
They want to have things to allow them to do things to make themselves be someone (that really are not themselves).
It is sad to watch people practice materialism. I do not envy them for I am enriched in my own life by the people I am lucky enough to have built  relationships with.
Addiction to self-help material:
DO -> BE -> HAVE
I It is also disturbing that some think that they can become happy without belief in a higher power (God). They trust in the strength of their own gifts and talents without acknowledging where those gifts came from in the first place.
I am myself, strengths and weaknesses included. Then I go and do, work, sweat, and labor for the knowledge, relationships  and things I desire in this earth life. Making correct choices, however, is one of the most difficult things a person can do in this life, in my honest opinion.
If I come off as being judgmental, please do not take it that way. These are my BELIEFS as I am only making suggestions in the hopes that just one realizes that things are tools. 
So, please, make the right choices, construct healthy relationships and learn useful information (public school, it seems, is full of useless and temporarily useful knowledge) and the afterlife will not be a complete shock to you (trust me).

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