Friday, May 20, 2011

Play outside with your minis!

Ever not want to get your minis dirty outside and play a serious game treating the real grass as forest, rocks as mountains and patches of dirt as clear terrain? Maybe there is even a small puddle or 'river' of water running through the battlefield. Maybe you just want a game that covers 20' x 20' (240" x 240" or 120 hexes wide and tall!). Your yard, if varied (like mine is) would give you excellent terrain choices!
All you have to do is glue magnets to the bottom of all your minis. First of all, they are really not visible if you do it right and second if you drop one in the grass - you can always run a steel pipe over in the general area and it will find you!
The humble nail, very cheap to buy...
Put a magnet (any magnet really) on the bottom of your mini and then...
... then put the nail on your magnet super glued to your miniature.

Looking good so far. I have to not that I made only a few copies of these minis in clay for my nephew to play with. They didn't turn out very well, but boy did he LOVE to play with them!
The same heavy tank faces off against a Heavy Tank and a GEV in Forested terrain!
You just stick the nail with the miniature on it into the ground. Simple!
Three 1/1 Powered Infantry Squads at my fingertips, literally.

Placed into the ground they are a very powerful force to be reckoned with.
A 3/1 Infantry Squad moves into the open. Little do they know they are not
alone while on their patrol...

Two enemy Heavy Tanks close in on a 3/1 Platoon that is sitting in the clear.
That Platoon better get into the woods!

They split up as a squad jump jet hops away for help and the rest stay and
hold off the heavy tanks...

The 1/1 squad decides to not chicken out and stays with his buddies. How long can they last against those tanks coming out of forested terrain? ... stay tuned!

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