Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Reinforcement Dice! Yay! No more reinforcement tables!

Yes, Reinforcement Dice!

Ever get tired of wondering where your support will come from when you are losing GEVs as fast as the OGRE can blaze them into tomorrow's glory? Well, wonder no more!
Applied vie sticker (printed on a laser printer) by this following design:
As you can see there are two columns 'seperated' by a change of position. The first two symbols represent unit types. Let's say a side that shows an Armored GEV Chassis symbol & Infantry Symbol in the right hand side and an Armored Chassis symbol & GEV Chassis symbol on the left. If you had 18 vp to spend on reinforcements on your reinforcement turn, you could split up those points between either Armored GEV Chassis or Infantry and Armored Chassis or GEV Chassis. Personally I would choose two light GEVs (6 vp), an 'Gopher' Tracked Armored Carrier [1/2, D3, M3, 4 size that holds up to 3/1 Infantry (6 vp) and a Company 3/1 of Infantry (6 vp).
You could create your own make up by using this dice (or table) into any reinforcement make up you wished.
The following are examples of what you could choose:
You will notice I placed MECHs and Trucks in many of the reinforcement boxes. I thought why not make the trucks more accessible in case you choose a one shot weapon or artillery that needs to be towed?
In fact, I might make a unit that is a strictly towing unit for pulling units out of the muck and moving artillery around. Any suggestions?

Another this you might have noticed that Nihon units are represented as well. Unless you are of the Nihon army side, you may not choose a Nihon unit.

I represented the 1/1 face of each infantry, but you may purchase as many Infantry as points and combination permits. It's always nice to have infantry - especially on an urban heavy map. Maybe it's a water heavy map and you need underwater presence. Maybe there are a multitude of bridges to patch or a road network needing fixing...

Ah, the one shot weapon systems. I am surprised there were not a variety of them to choose from. I mean I am thinking of developing light one shot weapon carriers that can shoot four 3/5 missiles.

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