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Rule balance, consistency and simplicity equals fun.

»Rule balance, consistency and simplicity equals fun.
»It all started when the question was asked: Spill-over fire applies to ground units in a 1500m radius, why not the OGRE at 1-30 meters between weapon systems?
:( » Experimentation with the idea of the weapons NEXT to the one being hit get spill-over fire, but this violated one of our credos: simplicity. You would have to map out the chassis to a detailed degree and that did not port at all to a simple text based record sheet.
:( » What if  one system on the OGRE gets hit, the sensors and ECCM capability (the tower in other words) of the OGRE is effected. Again, simplicity would be violated by excessive record keeping and probably hideous exceptions to the rule all over the place based on shaky supposition. You could, with a stretch of logic, suggest that the chassis targeting could be based on this partially though.
:) » Then what if about treating the Chassis as the Treads effect Movement. Jack-pot! Simple and balanced rule based on a previously successfully tested concept of tread targeting at 1:1 and based on over 30 years play testing. Now there is a third way to attack the OGRE, another strategy, not an exploit.

Thanks in part to K-Slacker for this idea:
What if OGRES could be attacked in more ways than just 2? You can attack the treads to slow it down and you can attack it's weapon systems to reduce it's attack and range (from destroying certain weapon systems).
But what if there was a way to decrease the defense of all those systems?
Aim at the chassis!
Multiply the OGRE's Size by 8. Divide that number by 4 to find it's structural point graduations:
The first 1/4 of the SP is armor. Make 4 rows having the first one being armor. The next 3 rows are the structural damage rows.
**This system will only work with OGRE chassis of size 5+. If you wish to create a new space age armor and ECM suite from Star Trek you can apply these rules to units smaller than 5 (it would be fun though).
100% to 75% SP there is no defense penalty to OGRE components.
76%-50% SP all OGRE components' defense drop by 1/3.
51%-25% SP all OGRE components' defense drop by 1/2.
26%-1% SP all OGRE components' defense drop by 2/3.
Once the OGRE's Chassis reaches 0% structural points, the brain case is breached and it becomes a hulk. If the has at least 1 structural point left (essentially a skeleton of a chassis) the OGRE may self-destruct leaving no hulk (and a shockwave as a cruise missile I suppose) if the scenario allows and everyone agrees.
Keep OGRE component DEF fractions rounded up to the nearest half. This way even 1 attack units can become useful!
Example: 2/3rds of D4 is 3.33. The defense would now be D3 instead of D4.
When all structural points are gone, it is not destroyed, just severe damage has been done to the OGRE to make the weaponry all by Defenseless.
If you decide to use this system, then when a weapon system is targeted and destroyed on the OGRE chassis, the original undamaged defense of that weapon is deducted from the Chassis Structural Points.
OGRE SYSTEM___________1/4__1/2__3/4
Missile Rack, D4____________D3___D2___D1
Missile, External, 6/5, D4____D3___D2___D1
Main Battery: 4/3, D4______D3___D2___D1
Secondy Battery: 3/2, D3__D2___D1.5__D1
AP Battery: 1/1, D1_______D.5___D0___D0

Damage level____D6__D5__D4___D3___D2___D1
Armor unbreached_ D6___D5__D4____D3___D2____D1
3/4 Strength_____D4.5__D4___D4___D2__D1.5___D1
1/2 Strength______D3__D2.5__D3___D1___D1____D.5
1/4 Strength_____D1.5__D1___D2___D.5__D.5___D0

Damage level____Rng6_Rng5__Rng4__Rng3__Rng2_Rng1
Armor unbreached_ Rng6__Rng5___Rng4__Rng3___Rng2__Rng1
3/4 Strength______Rng4__Rng4___Rng3__Rng2___Rng1__Rng1
1/2 Strength______Rng3__Rng2___Rng2__Rng1___Rng1__Rng0
1/4 Strength______Rng1__Rng1___Rng1__Rng0___Rng0__Rng0

Round all range of .5 or less down.
R0 means only in over-runs does it work. Targeting damage for that system makes it effective to only about 1500m.

When an OGRE component is at D0, DIS=X when rolled against it.

Mark-1 40 SP, 10 SP per 1/4 damaged chassis (chassis attacked at 1:1 due to ECM!)
Mark-2 48 SP, 12 SP per 1/4 damaged chassis (chassis attacked at 1:1 due to ECM!)
Mark-3 56 SP, 14 SP per 1/4 damaged chassis (chassis attacked at 1:1 due to ECM!)
Mark-4 64 SP, 16 SP per 1/4 damaged chassis (chassis attacked at 1:1 due to ECM!)
Mark-5 64 SP, 18 SP per 1/4 damaged chassis (chassis attacked at 1:1 due to ECM!)
Mark-6 72 SP, 18 SP per 1/4 damaged chassis (chassis attacked at 1:1 due to ECM!)
Ninja 56 SP, 14 SP per 1/4 damaged chassis (chassis attacked at 1:2 due to ECM!)
Dopple 72 SP, 18 SP per 1/4 damaged chassis (chassis attacked at 1:1 due to ECM!)
Fencer 64 SP, 16 SP per 1/4 damaged chassis (chassis attacked at 1:1 due to ECM!)

So, An OGRE Mark III would look like this:
Mark III the "Legionnaire."
2 Missiles (6/5 D3)
1 Main Battery (4/3 D4)
4 Secondary Battery (3/2 D3)
8 Antipersonnel (1/1 D1)
0000 0000
56 Chassis Units (DEF at 1:1)
00000 00000 0000 BPC Armor Layers (43-56)
00000 00000 0000 -1/4 defense on all systems (round down to the nearest .5) (29-42)
00000 00000 0000 -1/2 defense on all systems (round down to the nearest .5) (15-28)
00000 00000 0000 -3/4 defense on all systems (round down to the nearest .5) (1-14)
-100% = Hulk, unable to attack, move or self-destruct.
48 Tread Units (DEF at 1:1)
0000 0000 0000 0000 M3
0000 0000 0000 0000 M2
0000 0000 0000 0000 M1

»  If you were to destroy all the weapon systems on this Mark III with no Chassis specific targeting, it would have 30 structure points in damage just from destroying the weapons. This would put it in the '-1/3 defense on all systems' bracket but then there would not be any systems left to defend at this point.
»  In the case of a Doppelsoldner, you might not wish to take the Chassis route as it has 68 defense worth of weaponry on it and it has 72 structural points. It's PACKED with weaponry. Maybe it's worth doing 36 structural damage (at 1:1 always just as treads) to the Dopp to bring it's eight secondaries to a defense of D2 ...
» In play-testing it's a harder route, to a moderate degree, than the treads but the strategy was to bring it down to 1/4 damage and then attack it's weapons AND treads. 

»» The result was that it was more effective to attack the treads and weapons directly. However, we found that the more weapons on the OGRE chassis the more effective attacking the chassis was. We attacked the Dopp down to 1/4 damage and it was much less effective and easier to take down with smaller and smaller units. 
» This strategy won't be used unless statically it's nearly as effective as attacking the treads or weapons. So, to increase the effectiveness of this strategy, we included damage to the range of each weapon system as well. We thought including attack but thought against it since damage to a firing mechanism really does not effect every shell and missile within the OGRE. External Missiles, however are NOT inside the OGRE and are therefore exempt. This makes missile racks a little more effective, IMO.

»» Rational? The chassis AND sensors are taking damage and targeting suffers as a result.
» The armor row is there so that just one GEV hit or even one howitzer strike does not automatically and unrealistically decrease the effectiveness of the OGRE by a quarter.
There, Now you have three strategies to take down an OGRE (besides the sledgehammer to the fly technique of the cruise missile). Thanks, K-Slayer (even though I took your idea and RAN with it lol)!

» I suppose you could open up a new type of weapon system directed at the OGRE chassis. Maybe a special nuclear ECM explosive shell firing unit that takes it from 1:1 to 2:1 (or up to 1:1 in the case of the Black Horse or 'Ninja') on attacking the chassis. 
» Along that train of thought - why not make treads little individual D1 units at could be attacked by an uncombined attack from another unit?
Maybe have the chassis attacked at 1/2 attack but at 2:1 instead of 1:1.

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