Wednesday, May 4, 2011

This post has a lot of counter content!

Counters are doubles died for a few reasons. The most popular one, if you ever looked for aunit among so many, is that fact that both the front and back of the counter was the same. Try sifting through 100s of one-sided counters and you will understand what I mean! The other reason (as far as I know) is to show an alternate state of that unit (disabled) or even place a graphic representing another unit beneath it. Maybe even a counter has nothing on the back in order to conceal it's identity from the opponent. I am sure there are many other reason I am not aware of.
I have found a new way to make counters that are 'doubled sided' without the problem of opposing alignment and cutting into the backside of the counter spread when cutting.
Sandwiching a printed clear 3 mil plastic sheet between two laminating sheaths produced a counter 33 mil thick (twice the thickness of OGRE/GEV counters). The plus side is that you can flip them over to represent the opposite writing as a disabled unit. On the downside, you have to print 50% more infantry counters.

Here are the sheets...
Here is the clear printed sheet sandwiched tween two 7 mil lamination sheets.

 Now you can see wearing gloves is important not to get oil on any of the surfaces.

Lifting up the sheet and you will see the clear printed sheet beneath.

This is the product of running it though my laminator.

Now after cutting these counters out with very very sharp scissors I have now counters I can drop in water since they are made of plastic!
They are resistant to damage and if you lose any, just make a few more.

Here are the containers I place my army in. $6 is not bad for 4 counter holders that fit into my case!
A closer look at my counter container. Yeah - every unit is represented!

Here is a close up of my counter for the archaic armor series I ran. Notice that it is the Paneuropean Leopard II Main Battle Tank that would have been accessible to outlying areas without high tech levels. The upper left corner still has the unit type, the size and vp value.
You will notice this is the M1-A1 Main battle tank from the Combine.

Here are the collection of the Archaic armor collection.

Thought I would add this DIS counter I made about a year ago. It actually comes in handy.

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