Sunday, July 24, 2011

I got a NOOK! (and I love it)

Things I LOVE about my NOOK:
1. It supports PDFs.
2. It can be transported across the Sahara Desert via camel before it runs out of battery juice.
3. Did I say it supports PDFs?
4. It's light in my hand
5. With just a slight touch I can turn a page and read in bed without having a bookshelf next to my bed now

Things I will NOT miss:
1. Having to lick my fingers turning tree-killing methods of information transfer (books made from wood pulp)
2. Having to make sure I have a book mark in the right place
3. The book I am reading falling and the book mark knocked out of place
4. Oh yeah, a book shelf FULL of books!

And here are some pictures of NOOKIE (I named it that)

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