Thursday, July 7, 2011

I usually don't talk politics but...

I had to say something about leaders that lie. Once a man lies to you he is capable of manipulating you. Not that he cares for you one way or the other but you are now a tool for him to exploit. Truth is a commodity that is precious and I would rather have the truth than a billion dollars. In 100 years which one will mean more?
Presidents that lie to their people are no better than a loved one you know lying to you about something extremely important. They are supposed to be in the watchtower watching over our safety. Instead I smell intrigue, unrighteous control and power-playing with people's lives.
I heard a very wise man say once that once a man gets power (or so he supposes) he immediately exercises in a way that is not true to the order of the universe. Curtailing freedoms for short term gains is a major issue that can turn a government into a chaotic mess of bloodshed and horror. I feel there is a conspiracy to control people compulsory through technology somehow and it's in the works, churning away under our very feet. We feel the vibrations of control but as that frog that is slowly being boiled, we too are being boiled not in plain water, but water that tastes sweet. The evil plans of men will not be at the point of a gun but at the sweet siren song that they can make your life better if only you ignore your conscience.

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