Monday, August 15, 2011

A new disturbing view on web searches?

Whatever this means, the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act could be interpreted many many many ways to limit our freedom of speech, our search choices for the internet, even the songs we are 'allowed' to sing. Oh where oh where we were we before this 'saving' legislation was in place? DMCA is an organization that does not wish to change with the times and would that people that do not agree with them are rounded up into camps and punished. They want control of the internet and we will not let them. Power to the people and their freedoms, as many are we have left. That makes me think about being forced through humiliating scans at the airport, being 'randomly searched' my mom, (in a wheelchair was obviously no THREAT to anyone) while proving to both the under-IQed people who are hired and the poor passengers that have to suffer this crap all know that if some terrorist wishes to blow up something at an airport all he or she (or it) need do is hop a gate on the outside of an airport?
Another thing, why don't they subject the illegal invaders to our country through the same scrutiny? I believe the politicians wished for a Latino vote to stay in power and it back fired on them BIG TIME. I thank God every day I don't have to live in that waste-land that is lower California.
It's going to be another up-side-down decade for us all - where evil people are looked upon as saviors and people who are actually honest are looked down on as trouble makers.

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