Sunday, September 25, 2011

I have three things that would greatly improve You Tube.

I come across so many fake, duplicated and disgusting videos on You Tube.
You Tube could do three things to clean this up.
1. Display the green/red like/dislike bar on the thumbnails of the videos on the right side. Make this not an option for people to rate your video. Too many bad or fake videos hide behind having no green/red like/dislike bar
2. Make it so you can filter results based upon dislikes and not have these below standard quality videos available for you to view.
3. Make offenders that post fake, duplicated or disgusting videos assigned to review other videos of like kind before they are allowed onto You Tube again.
If You Tube does this, it will improve the service.
Would you not know what rating the video is before you clicked on it?
Would having the rating under the video change your mind on whether you want to give views and thus attention to people who do not deserve it? The ratings are ACTUAL ratings I captured from the video once I HAD to click on the worthless piece of bandwidth. I believe that once a video has reached a threshold, say a million views and it's dislike quotient is below 95% it is automatically removed.
What about the cool and interesting videos? Would you not want to know if a LOT of people thought it was good?
I would rather have my search results on You Tube look like this. Full of highly rated videos with no fakes, frauds, stupid videos or plainly inappropriate videos. Seriously, wouldn't you want YOUR search results to come up like this?

Conversely with bad videos being removed or having their submitters punished in some way, I think videos that get enormous views (over a million) and hold a like percentage of over 90% should win awards and be on special lists for us to enjoy. Instead, as it is in You Tube, the gems of entertainment and uniqueness are mixed in with manure.

Thank you for reading. :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Played Mass Effect 2 and I made my face close to the face I have...

Enter the code to play it:

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thought this would be cool to visualize the odds of a 2d6 dice roll

Dice roll result, percentage chance and probability in terms of fractional value. I tried to spice it up with a very cool fractal design! What do you think?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Best three ways to weaken family values:

Best three ways to weaken family values:
1. Separate the children for large periods of time in a building where they are taught principles contrary to their parents. These teachings are either without the parent's knowledge or with their knowledge but make it against the law for the parents to object with any effective action.
2. Separate the father or mother (or both) from the family by either putting him a war situation or drafting him (or her) into compulsory service that separates him (or her) from their family for an exceedingly long time. An example would be Afghanistan, a war going on for 10 years now.
3. Hide biased agenda into media that children love to watch or listen to.
I am sure there are more - but I cannot think of any more right now. I just had to write this down.
Actually what got me thinking about this subject is actually ironic since this is a war-game driven blog. By watching "Combat Hospital" there seemed to be many things that struck me odd.
1. In "Combat Hospital" everyone seem like they are too perfectly suited for warfare where the temperature is hot enough to fry eggs in mid air.
2. The Canadian flag is EVERYWHERE. I do mean EVERYWHERE. Are they funding half the war effort over there? Last time I heard, if you were in a situation where you feel danger, exclaiming your are Canadian would seemingly help you out. With this show - now that defense is weakened to the point of cliche territory.
3. You don't see the grieving and lonely people Stateside effected by the violent plots in the show. Someone got blown up? Show how it effects the friends and associates around them in the desert sands of Afghanistan, not the  people who truly care about them back in the States.
Look, I know the show is a fantasy look on how a field hospital works but does it have to be a political vehicle for "look how well the 'war' is going"?
I am actually against the war in Afghanistan for three reasons (as a matter of virtue I hate all REAL wars, really):
1. It seems like a police action (like Vietnam) and has no clear end objective nor any declaration of war against any single body of group or government.
2. It separates fathers (and mothers now!) from their families for far too long (10 years ... really??).
3. The real reason we are there is obscured.
There are plenty of political injustices in Africa and South America we are not participating in because ... why?
Someone answer me this question?
I ask others because I do not want the cliche coming from my mouth to be "because stability in the middle east equals oil for the United States".
I firmly believe there is a war against the family structure occurring right now and it is up to the people who know what a family is to fight back in every way we can. You now who and what this means if you have a family worth protecting (as I do).
In the game of OGRE/GEV the Paneuropeans are fighting the Combine in a clear war. There are few if any grey lines except in territorial back and forth actions like in World War 1. With air power not an issue, technology level has almost reverted back to World War 2 levels in terms of tactical awareness. I know it's a science fiction story mixed with a board game but at least they have sides and objectives.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Update on my life

I know it's been a while since I wrote anything in my blog. We all go through dry spells where you neglect things you once loved. As of late I have been straying from the original mission of this blog. This blog is meant for game playing and OGRE/GEV.
Well, I am getting back on track on this blog.
I am excited about the new OGRE 6.0 Steve Jackson is putting out. Although I see he has a complete game planned the $100 price tag and the lack of resin cast miniatures to play with (like in Axis and Allies) turned me off a bit. I wish he would have resin cast the pieces. Is the resin casting so expensive? I really don't like the set up of counters when in a game that costs $100 I kind of expected more feel to the pieces. Most of the fun of an enlarged game like this is to TOUCH the pieces and turn them about in your hand. Additionally are they made of cardboard?
I am reticent to buy...