Sunday, October 2, 2011

What I would like to see in You Tube searches...

Have you ever wanted to suppress those videos that have less than 80-95% viewer feedback that say they are terrible? How about those videos where you tend to believe that every video would be 100% better if they did not use that crappy 009 soundtrack? How about misleading text that sends you to a COD video when you are looking for genuine war footage from the war over there? I don't even want to talk about those who see someone else's video about to go viral and they steal it for themselves. Those thieves make me steamed. Anyways, if you have any other ideas on what to suppress in your You Tube search, please comment and let me know! I am working on a stand alone app that would help you search and leave out video references that do not adhere to your search criteria. You Tube has since dropped the ball on this and their attempts are as inept as security on MySpace.

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