Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fan made OGRE/GEV unit counters revealed!

I made these original size as well as 'thumbnails' above so that people can print them out and actually use them. If you print them out in high DPI you will get favorable results you can use on the normal OGRE/GEV hex gameboard. Have fun!


Scott Lynch said...

I need your help. I love thescounters, but I need to know what all the numbeers mean...they are not anything like the original counters.

HarmlessHamster said...

Take the Laser tank. 36 is the victory point cost in Cobb units.
The 5 is the size.
The 2 is the attack.
The 1 is the defense.
The 30 is the range in hexes.
The M1 is Movement 1 in hexes.
Sorry it took so long to respond, mate.