Monday, November 28, 2011

GEV mine layers and the mines they lay...

I was thinking one day and I thought that the mine system needed an overhaul. The mines I am referring to are in another post but here are the professional counters made for the OGRE/GEV game.
As you can see, the nuclear mine is size three. This reflects on the fact that it takes up as much room as a 3/3 power suit infantry company (3/1 size infantry unit). Both the anti-personal and anti-armor mine field packs take up as much room as a 1/1 power suit infantry (which is reflected in their both one size).
Also note that there is a small box in the unit symbol. This symbolizes a unit that carries mines or the unit is a mine itself.

Looking at the symbol and the mine itself the symbolism is apparent.
Also you might see the acronym A.O.E. and yes it means just as it does in World of Warcraft. All units in that hex are effected by the 50% chance to be hit by the nuclear blast this stealthy mine puts out.
Also you might also see that the Mine Layer can carry power suited infantry or mines, but not both at the same time (the equipment and setups are completely different).

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