Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Make your game interesting if you are using reinforcement tables...

Instead of just receiving 24 vp worth 
of reinforcements every turn...
To be made into cards
1. Hole in their ECCM defenses! Enemy rolls the dice at -1 on the CRT twice on his turn, you choose which dice rolls.
2. Spy Satellite! You roll on the CRT at +1 twice, you choose which dice rolls or you can negate the "Black Horse" OGRE stealth ECCM for two attacks on it with any two units within range.
3. Spy placed EMP! Disable up to three of their armored units with less than 5 defense within a 3 hex radius for one turn within 8 to 12 hexes of their command post. If you use this on infantry then remove three infantry in that 3 hex radius.
4. Stealthily placed mines! Mine in 3 unoccupied hexes, from 8 to 12 hexes away from your or their Command Post, with either an AP mine or anti-armor mine.
5. Holographic drones! Put up to six units that count up to 24vp that don't exist on the board as "reinforcements". They remain on the board until attacked and destroyed as a result without a CRT roll. The holographic units cannot attack but can go into terrain originally forbidden by the unit it emulated (the drone hovers). You don't need to reveal this card until one of the deceptions are destroyed.
6. Forest path found! You may travel through forest with up to 5 GEVs this turn without any terrain penalties as long as each GEV moves in a straight line through the forest and all take the same path. This also applies to the second movement phase at which the GEVs all may switch direction for up to 3 hexes on the same path in that second phase of movement.
7. Disgruntled utility workers bribed! Destroy up to 2 road hexes or 1 railroad hex within 8 to 12 hexes of your or their Command Post.
8. Shallow swamp or weak obstacles! Un-stick up to three units (except OGREs) from swamp, rubble, forest or town hexes.
9. Sabotage! Up to two enemy howitzers or two enemy missile lobbing units fire duds this turn with an attack of zero. If the OGRE fires more than 2 missiles, 2 of them are duds and attack the targeted unit with two 0 attacks. You may present this card upon 'impact' of the missile or artillery shell (and watch their face).
10. Surprise attack! During one overrun with less than 10 units involved (both yours and theirs) you attack first but with no double attack modifier. Subsequent attacks after they have counterattacked are still double attack though.
11. Double Agent! Negate one of your enemies special abilities above.
11 down, 25 more ideas to go...
Author's note:
I will come up with more cards soon if I do indeed want to make this into a card set. I think I will make up to 36 unique advantages worth 24 vp. So far I think all the advantages above are worth 24 vps. 
I am open to suggestions if you have any...

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