Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My thoughts on Steve Jobs and Apple Computers (may piss off some Apple Monks...)

The words of a monk-like Apple follower:
"...I find myself believing [in God] a bit more. Maybe it's because I want to believe in an afterlife, that when you die, it dosen't just all disappear. The wisdom you've accumulated...somehow it lives on. Yeah, but sometimes I think it's just like an on/off switch. *click* and you're gone.
And that's why I don't like putting on/off switches on Apple devices.
RIP Steve Jobs......... your my inspiration, and the world is most certainly a lot darker without you..."
I can understand being sad and empty about a person you admired who has died. But going so far to not turn off electrical appliances for a man who has died you have never met nor did not know personally?
If you are going to beleive in God, don't add into that equation a businessman whose sole purpose was to make money by limiting features on what he sold. Did God made apples so that once you ate 70%-80% you had to give up 1 month of your life in order to have the rest of the apple? The two personalities, God and Steve Jobs, are rather immiscible, as oil and water is.
For heaven's sake, don't get all philosophical about Steve Jobs. He was a business man who knew how to manipulate people into devices that have close to three-quarters of their features locked up.
One more legacy of Steve Jobs left us was locking up iPhones up with the worst cell service on earth. Yes, AT&T was married to the iPhone for way too long (maybe enough time to make AT&T a lot of money from the Apple fanaticism phenomena).
iPhones are for people who do not have high paying jobs (or jobs at all - beside their fan-boi leader Jobs himself) but want to look like they do. Serious business people use the Blackberry. With the Blackberry you can actually program or obtain programs without Apple's assistance or having your Blackberry locking up due to 'tampering'. You don't have to wait for an 'app' to come out for a Blackberry. Where is the app for the iPhone to unlock it fully and allow you to have another service or be compatible with other programs from other devices? No app for that? Thought not. By the way, that app is extremely possible and would be rather simple to implement.
Devotion to a company can go too far. Yes, a money making company, not a religious organization that puts out hand held devices. Then when they shower you with another miracle device, a man dressed like a trendy, half-bald Mr. Rogers gets on stage like he was guru, a visionary, a something we are to worship? It seemed like that to me when I saw him do his thing on the stage.
Don't forget how Steve Jobs designed his devices he showers us unwashed masses a little at a time to have features in them we KNOW ARE THERE to be locked up and brick up it if we try to access them fully. This is so he and his company may later unlock them and charge extra money for the act or institute a monthly charge on unlocked content.
Oh yes - another legacy he left behind: iTunes. That piece of filth software that is my only safe conduit to my iPod nano. Don't get me wrong, my iPod nano has really good sound, is reliable and does not have a bad design at all (unlike the Zune). Nevertheless has anyone at Apple ever heard of compatability with other operating systems and drag and drop to a device with memory to serve as a hard drive as well? Thanks to this Steve Job I have to load up iTune (a big load of 'spend your money here' piece of crap on my computer) every time I want to communicate with my iPod.
Don't even get me started on how the iPod can totally be a movie player and yet they locked that up tight as a frog's you know what.
Steve Jobs is like a new car salesman that sells a cool new shiny car but with 80% of the functions disabled you KNOW ARE THERE and then in front of you welds the hood and trunk shut.
If you try to fix it the car, it either blows up or stops working permanently and then customer service throws up their hands in 'helplessness' and says it's your fault.
If you like Apple products, good for you. I like some of them and I would love them even more if they unlocked features that are there when you bought the thing at the checkout. You really are a blind follower of all that is Apple if you believe that this for the good of the people. No, this locking of innate features on a device they sell is for the good of Apple and no one else.
Three questions to ask an Apple Monk (What I call radical followers of all that is Apple):
1. Ask an 'Apple Genius' or an Apple Monk  this: How free is it to upgrade my memory in my Apple computer from 2GB to 8GB after I have bought the memory seperately from Apple?
2. How many first person shooter, real time strategy and role playing games can you play on your oh so shiny Apple computer? Can you even list a dozen without thinking hard?
3. Why has not Micro$oft bought Apple or pushed it into bankrupsy already after 20 years? I beleive that Apple exists to give MicroSoft an appearance to have competition.

Anyways, go PC if you want lots and lots of games, programs, the freedom to program and modify your device without it bricking up or exploding.
Buy Apple if you want a well designed, expensive, easy to use device that you cannot modify in any way except in the way Apple wants you to.

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