Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New counters for the Nihon units!

In early May I reveiled my version 1 of the Nihon counter set. This included trains, heavy tanks, infantry and even the command centers. The problem? They were unevenly blue, opaque and I messed up a bit on the double sided aspect of the counters.
My solution? Print the counter art content on a thin clear overhead sheet through my laser printer and cover that with two 7 mil sleeves of contact plastic run through a laminator I have.
Anyways, here are the counters that I photographed.
The complete Nihon army unit types they field 95% of the time. There are specialist units but they are not worth printing in that they are used on very rare occasions and are rarely seen by the Combine or Paneuropeans.

Showing the light and regular GEV, light and heavy Tank and the light and regular howitzers.

A personal view of a 3/1 Nihon unit of Power suited infantry. They are nearly identical to Combine and Paneuropean infantry except that all the instructions are in Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean as well as other languages from Southeast Asian countries that are a part of the Nihon alliance (The Nihon empire to the Combine).

These are the containers I keep the Nihon units in. They are wonderful in that the counters do not shift around and they lock shut. Additionally I can write on the clear tops in permanent pen what units are what.
I hope you have enjoyed this tour of my Nihon counter set. I have enough Nihon counter sets to play engagements into the 100s of victory points. I just played a 310 victory point game with a few of my friends (each controlled a "battalion" of Nihon units) against a slew of encroaching Paneuropean and Russian OGREs. The area was in Kamchatka, among the low lands while the Russian resistance forces were in the mountains.
Guess who won?

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