Tuesday, November 22, 2011

OGRE/GEV archaic armor!

Archaic armor and technology are left-overs of what we call today modern. In the battlefield of the future, less fortunate countries have to use the other super-power’s hand – me – downs.

There are a few simple rules that differ from OGRE/GEV when dealing with archaic armor (1995 – 2015)
Archaic armor is not effected by spillover fire from another archaic unit's fire. Archaic armor, when attacked with nuclear spillover fire, all take the full attack for every archaic armor unit in that hex. If a Heavy tank from the future attacks a hex with three main battle tanks in it (2/2 R2 M2), then all three tanks take the 4 attack and therefore three rolls are made to determine the fate of all three unfortunate archaic armor in that hex.
Infantry can be picked up by an APC from an adjacent hex, then dropped off in another hex adjacent hex, but the infantry may not attack, even if the enemy is within range.

Any unit, even 0/0 trucks and 1/1 light scout vehicles may pull artillery. It takes one full turn to set up the artillery and one 1/1 infantry must be left behind to operate the archaic artillery (hence, the truck being able to carry 1/1 infantry). An archaic artillery piece may fire at plus one range at the cost of one attacking factor. For instance, the average archaic artillery piece is 2/4. It may fire 5 hexes (7.5 miles) if it attacks at only 1 attack factor. The reason the ranges are so short for these archaic units is that the shells they fire are not archaic. Theoretically, these pieces could fire a shell over 20 miles (about 13-14 hexes) but the technology available to the opposing side could shoot that shell out the sky within the first few miles without maneuvering assistance technology. In fact there are modern rockets launchers (namely the American made M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System) can place rockets at near double that or conventional artillery of the 1995-2015 military era of over 40 miles (over 26 hexes). Nevertheless, future weapons would shoot these partially unguided rockets ‘of the past’ out of the sky before they reached 6-7 miles away. The chassis of the original unit still exists but the payload has been modified to keep up.

Units that are enemies may share the same hex if they traveling through. The occupying unit may choose to attack the other unit passing thought, but at 1/2 strength. If, however, the intruding unit passes through another enemy unit in a hex before it passed into this one, that ½ strength is now full strength (you scouted their position and are ready for them – good to have screening infantry and scout units surrounding your armor). A unit may move into another enemy's hex and initiate close quarter combat. The defending unit may attack first and it the attack is successful the attacking unit may fire back before being removed from play.

Infantry is augmented and may move about 20 mph to 25 mph with newer technology robotics. Their logistics are carried by four legged ‘pack robots’ and can keep up with the grunt infantry. This type of infantry, however, is not protected from radiation, biological and chemical warfare. Nevertheless if the player is given one turn notice that one or all of these three types of attacks are being used in battle, he may prepare his infantry for these types of attacks but all his infantry fight at one less strength than before (all that protection is hard to fight in!).
Non power suited infantry can be 'shaken' if a 1 is rolled when attacking any units of higher technology than archaic. A shaken unit of infantry (whether 3/1, 2/1 or 1/1) cannot move or fire for that entire turn. They may, however, engage in close quarter same hex combat. If non-power suited infantry are in an armored APC they are protected from nuclear, biological and chemical warfare as well as the chance of becoming 'shaken' in combat - as long as they stay within the APC. All archaic augmented infantry may attack FROM the APC but at one reduced strength. The archaic APCs of the past also are amphibious so not have to stop at streams and may treat water up to hex off the coast as clear terrain (they float). Augmented infantry may not combine fire from any other unit or infantry unit. They just don't have the electronics for it.

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