Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Miniature Mobile Infantry unpainted army (both sides)

I thought I would show off my Mobile Infantry we use at our war games. Under each and every miniature there is a neodymium rare earth magnet which would firmly secure it to any run of the mill metal washer. The washers are used as a base for a Platoon (1/1, 2/1 or 3/1 unit) of mobile infantry. Maybe you could put pieces of 1/8" x 1/4" x 1/32" metal in the bases you would buy at Warehouse 29 ... that would look even cooler!
Well, this is what 186 metal OGRE infantry miniatures looks like with 1/8" x 1/4" x 1/32" neodymium rare earth magnet bases super glued to them on a large, thin piece of plate steel. K&J Magnetics was the company I went with for my other miniatures as well so I could use my filing cabinet for my battles (as seen in a previous post).

Here they are in their plastic bags, yep all 186 of them (not counting the washers I use as bases).

A handful of power. Here are 94 miniatures from the Combine Mobile Infantry ... a potential strength of 27 Combine mobile powered infantry (3/1) platoons or 16 regular platoons and 11 heavy weapons platoons.
Here they are on their bases. The black bases are Combine and the unpainted (steel or 'white' if you will) are the Paneuropeans. Just by the base you could even put an E for engineer or M for marines. I have enough of these metal infantry miniatures that I could paint a few platoons of each and still have many left over for grunt work!
Now if only I could find a place to purchase some militia in 1/285 scale.

Here they are from the side view.

A little collage I made of the 1/8" x 1/4" x 1/32" neodymium rare earth magnet bases super glued from K&J Magnetics.

Many people I have talked with use these magnets for Warhammer 40k tabletop for their vehicles. I intend to mold more OGRES, including the Doppelsoldner (not available anymore from Warehouse 29) from resin and install some smaller round neodymium rare earths so the secondaries and missile racks are removable as they are destroyed in battle. The idea has crossed my mind for the tracks being magnetically removable as well (remove one track assembly for each movement lost) because all of the OGRE (except the Mark 1 and 2) have four track assemblies. This would also make it so I would not have to glue them on and thus have the constant problem of breakage ... I hate that!

A Paneuropean heavy weapon squad that has not yet fired it's one shot missile of doom...

I am thinking of painting the in Combine in black with white with bright red highlights and the Paneuopeans keep base metal with black and bright red highlight highlights.
Color Scheme as such:
Black suit, black base, white weapon, white visor, bright red and white backpack.
Bare metal suit, bare metal base, black weapon, bright red visor, bright red dot on chest, bright red and black backpack.
Tell me what you think.

Thanks for reading and looking at my collection. These 54 platoons should be painted before summer (time willing). Does anyone have any suggestions for primer, paint brand or any other tips? I am kind of new at painting on metal.


Here is what I think what a Mark VII would look like (if it were built)
Here is the miniature specs for this extremely huge and (some say impracticable).

Combine Mark VII
(324 vp [44 vp overloaded], so, 54 armor units equivalent - you think this unit is worth a half a dozen or so cruise missiles?)
12 Missiles (6/5, D3)
000000 000000
2 Howitzers (6/8, D3)
4 Main Battery (4/3, D4)
8 Secondary Battery (3/2, D3)
0000 0000
24 AP Battery (1/1, D1)
000 000 000 000
000 000 000 000
96 Tread Units
00000 00000 00000 00000 00
00000 00000 00000 00000 00 M3
00000 00000 00000 00000 00
00000 00000 00000 00000 00 M2
00000 00000 00000 00000 00
00000 00000 00000 00000 00 M1
Drops to M0

You see Steve Jackson's creations occupied a time in my life when computers were still in their infancy and turn based strategy games were still in vogue. Real time strategy have all but eclipsed the turn based variety and a new era dawns for the next generation. This new era of gaming is that of electronically assisted immediate gratification. Thus, real life personal interaction is a product of yesteryear, unfortunately. Do people not realize that about
3/4 of communication is non-verbal?
Steve Jackson inspired a whole generation of people to play games
face to face. He created a turn based strategy game so simple a 10 year old could play it. This simple war-game, inspired by the Bolo! series, taught probability, strategy and creativeness to young people and probably helped many young people to overcome their fear of math in one way or another!
Steve Jackson has overcome government legal pressures to restrict his freedom of speech, a feat many of us cannot say we have.
One a side-note, I think I own every single one of your metal 1/185th miniatures. I might even ask him to sign the copy of OGRE 6.0 I intend to purchase when is comes out!
Here are some photos of my
collection (as well clay reproductions that flesh out my army!) I even messed around with swapping out turrets on my Fencer, Mark 1, Mark 2, and even puting a NINJA trailer on the rear of my Mark IV Chassis. The third one (the Mark 1 with the upgunned double main armament on it actually has states.
Combine Mark 1 'Halberd'
(42 vp, or 7 armor units)
Created in limited numbers for spearheading Eastern Russian armor assaults on ammunition production facilities.
(x2) Mains (4/3) 00
(x6) AP (1/1) 000 000
(x21) Tread Units
0000 000 M3
0000 000 M2
0000 000 M1
Drops to M0
(It's kind of fun making new OGREs and testing them out)

The last picture is what happens when you place small magnets on the bottom of all your miniatures and happen to have a file cabinet nearby...

Steve Jackson, the founder of OGRE/GEV is a unit now...

Here he is!
(with appreciation from the artist who drew it on page 78 in the OGRE book)

You see Steve Jackson's creations occupied a time in my life when computers were still in their infancy and turn based strategy games were still in vogue. Real time strategy have all but eclipsed the turn based variety and a new era dawns for the next generation. To have inspired a whole generation of people to play a game so simple a 10 year old could play it that teaches probability, strategy and creativeness takes a game creating genius. Steve Jackson, you are one of my favorite people! You have overcome so much in your efforts to bring fun products to the masses without corporate selling out. In fact I think I own every single one of your metal 1/185th miniatures. I might even ask him to sign the copy of OGRE 6.0 I intend to purchase when is comes out!

GEV and Speed!

I state now that any GEV with 0 to 2 attack cannot exceed 4/3 movement without roads, no tactical load or jet assisted take-off.
For each 1 DEF, 1 ATT, or 0.5 RNG it slows the GEV down by 1 MOV (starting with MOV1 then applies to MOV2 then back again). This gives the GEV up to six points to spend among it's three traits, ATT, DEF and RNG but leaves it's MOV to 1 hex per turn if they are all spent (in my honest opinion, it's greatest strength). You would probably notice that I made range expecially expensive. This is because to give range, you have to have both electronics, barrel lengths AND heavier ordinance. The technology is just not there yet to carry vast amounts of weight in a small package and then speed at the movement suggested (see below for tech level reference). Additionally a GEV with loads of fire power and DOES move fast would most likely be a prototype and would therefore be invaluable and not expended in battle where it could be captured, studied and replicated by the enemy. A GEV/PC can barely handle fifteen 1,500 lb power armored infantry, their equipment and support (a whopping 24,000 lbs or about 12 tons of an 84 ton craft(empty)).
Now if there are vast amounts of ocean or large amounts of rivers or roads, I say go for it and beef up your GEV!
There are no benefits for removing ATT, DEF or RNG unless you strip it down to almost nothing (tactically useless), then would it then go as fast as 5/4. Who needs a racing GEV on a battlefield unless as a scout anyways?
So, A GEV as this one:
Missile GEV
ATT: 3
RNG: 4
DEF: 2
MOV: used to be 4/3, now is 2/2.
7 vp or around 1 armor unit. This thing is like a Light Howitzer with long a lot of mobility.
Have I broken the GEV/artillery mechanic?
Make it move OR shoot?
Have it lose a movement point in order to shoot?
I don't know... so many questions.
ATT: 4
RNG: 2
DEF: 3
MOV: use to be 4/3, now is 2/1. (just as heavy as a heavy tank with weakness and strengths!
5.7 vp or just 1 armor unit. Although this better than a Heavy Tank over water and rivers, try using this GEV Tank in forest or have it survive a cruise missile blast...
I don't know, add 50% to the vp cost if it's a GEV and goes beyond 4 att, 4 rng, and 4 def and still retains it's speed?
GEVs are meant to be cheap and expendable. If they become tanks on skids, we are looking at another tech level jump into Hammer's Slammers territory here. I think Steve Jackson meant for the GEV to be a light raiding type of vehicle, not one that breaks the tactics of the game.

I have a new kind of dice that will save a lot of time...

For years I have calculated the odds, rolled a dice, looked at a Combat Results Table, cross referenced it then determined the result of the battle. It is longer than you think if you have over 20 pieces to do this with and that is a conservative estimate.
I present my very own invention ... (drum roll)
A larger picture of the CRT Dice for the OGRE/GEV board game are here if you sign up with boardgamegeek . I have made four such dice to so far. As it stands I tried stuffing a 1d12 Combat Results Table onto a dodecahedron but the lettering would have been all too small to read. Maybe if you made it larger like this desk calender made of paper ... I dunno - imagine trying to stuff that back in the game box. But it worked perfectly for quickly rolling for a six probability roll from five possible odds. As shown in this CRT from OGRE Miniatures:

Here is the OGRE/GEV CRT I put on my CRT dice. All the dice I created were specifically created for OGRE/GEV in mind as I own four of these cool game-specific dice. I would be more than happy to create a bog where, step by step, I show you guys interested how to create a CRT dice for OGRE/GEV.

The OGRE Ninja and it's Electromagnetic Banks

According to the 'YACD-Silly' calculator, you can input the speccs for a OGRE 'Ninja' with 4 EM banks and it comes out to 150.5 vps. I think this thing is pretty accurate. It says that Ninjas only have 3 EMs, but I gave it one more to make it an even 150, as reported in OGRE miniatures on page 11.

OGRE Ninja
150 vp
1 Main 0
2 Secondary 00
8 AP 0000 0000
1 MSL rack 0
4 Internal MSL 0000
2 External MSL 00
4 Electromagnetic Banks (D3) 0000
40 Treads (starts at M4)
00000 00000 M3
00000 00000 M2
00000 00000 M1
00000 00000 M0

Here are the rules for the Electromagnetic Banks.

Other things pertaining to my hobby. I am looking for casting material and resin to create my own 1/285th scale miniatures. I have designs already from old electronic parts, old plastic models and other material. I might even cast a few more Dopps to make up for the fact that this model is discontinued. Don't worry, I will not sell them as the design is not mine. I might create new OGRES for the passing mentions in 'GURPS OGRE' and the 'OGRE Book' in the material. OGRES such as the Nihon models, the Chinese 'Dragon' and the Israeli 'Golem'.
I already own every single model sold through Warehouse 29, even the ones not available anymore. I have a Doppelsöldner still in the plastic, the Combine Laser Tower and an LAD (with it 'folded up' as well) as others probably not available anymore.

Why should OGRE Ninjas have all the fun with holograms?

I thought of something that might prove to change the game quite a bit (if I have not already).
The holographic tactical deception system.

Note: Place this counter under each unit that is not real. Any counter on top of this counter is a holographic projection. Don't let your opponent touch your counters!
About a thousand pounds of expensive electronic equipment that can project up to a size 5 unit within 100 meters of the system's location. The limitation is that all the holographic systems run on the same electromagnetic frequency. What does this mean? It means that when an OGRE or manned unit with ECM capability fires at this deception and it either disappears or malfunctions, the gig is up and all other systems set up across the battlefield are useless. The surviving systems are still projecting the image of whatever unit they were programed to emit but the enemy now knows the ruse. By the time all the systems are calibrated to a new electromagnetic frequency (it would take days to retool) the battle would already be over.
How it works in game:
For 3 VPs per unit you can place a counter of any unit you wish up to size 5 on ANY hex. This system may not move, attack, spot of do anything but be a three-dimensional representation of what is was programmed to imitate. It has a defense of 1 for all tactical purposes. Once one is destroyed on the battlefield, all other of these systems are removed. It cannot be placed on any vehicle moving at more than 3 mph as projecting a hologram with bare bones electronics would upset the emissions (no slapping it on a GEV/PC and have a mobile Superheavy 'protecting' an area). Only an OGRE sized vehicle would be stable enough and have enough electronic hardware to pull off a fully mobile illusion of another unit.

OGRE/GEV Light Missile Tank Counters!

For both the Paneuropeans and Combine, here are the Light Missile Crawlers. Why should the missile tanks have all the fun?
Light Missile Tank
(6 vp)
from 'The OGRE book', pg. 57 by Timothy C. Wiedel, Ph.D.
ATT: two expendable 6/5 OGRE missiles fired one at a time with a point defense for overruns only (1/0 pt def on counter)
RNG: 0
DEF: 2
MOV: 2 (as a missile tank)
1 armor unit equivalent.
Note: Buying a missile tank chassis with only point defense machines guns that have only a one strength in an overrun is not really a good buy at 6 vp (1 armor unit). This was meant to be the reverse side of the counter as I have found a relatively easy way to two side counters I print out (I use labels and a light board).