Thursday, April 21, 2011

CRTs, what makes or breaks a game...

I came up with a mathematically correct Combat Results Table based on some pretty odd percentage increments . The difference between the probabilities are wider than you might think in some areas and wildly bunched up in others. I set it to a d20 dice outcome to emphasize the spread between probabilities from 17% up to 26% (in some cases).
I gave a 10% 'disabled' result margin as disabled is the same as a 'grazing hit' in most games. Giving more or less disabling results would give the table more or less mercy from the dice deities, I suppose. You will notice that the 1:1, 2:1 and 3:1 are spread out much more than you would think. The percentage spread between these probabilities surprised me as well.

I even threw in a d10 CRT for those who own a game decagon (10 sided numbered game dice).
Yes, I know there are math types out there that would either agree with my findings or say "it's just a game" but really is the spread of odds between a 1:2 to 1:1 the same as a spread between a 3:1 and 4:1?
Now imagine what the d6 CRT would look like if it were given a mathematical 'car wash' as these d20 and d10 CRTs were...

The Answers!

1. (page 45, The OGRE book)
Three 1:1 attacks:
vs armor: 85% = destroyed
vs Infantry: 74% = destroyed
One 3:1 attack:
vs armor: 67% destroyed
vs Infantry: 67% destroyed
More attacks are better in this case.
2. (4.04 Shockwave)
Four hexes away a D1 armor unit would be attacked at 1:1 odds by a cruise missile's shockwave.
3. (OGRE box set map)
18 across by 22 up & down
4. (unofficial - but saw it on more than four web-sites, needs a reference here because I got the answer from a Fencer-B track sheet some person put a lot of time into)
48 Tread Units for 3 hex movement for a Fencer-B off the factory line.
5. (page 19, 8.06 G.E.V.)
It would take 12 attack strength to turn a city hex into rubble.
6. (5.043 Shockwave)
4d6 ramming damage to building is caused by a Mark IV.
7. (Reinforcement pack 4.062)
61-70 treads to pull a Mark III at 2 movement
It would take a size 5 unit to shove off the road a size 2 unit.
9. (Infantry DEF=4. To to take them all out in one turn you would have to have 20 A.P. batteries pouring fire into the area as even a 4:1 odds has a chance to reduce it by one. So there is the 5:1 odds where all die rolls are a destroyed. So, it would take 20 A.P. OGRE batteries to fully eliminate a 2/1 infantry squad in a wooded area.
10. (page 11 (bottom),OGRE Miniatures)
The Descartes Revolution which increased the creativity and initiative of OGRE brains. They 'woke up' so to speak.

Some hard OGRE/GEV questions...

How well do you know this game?
(These are very difficult trivia questions)
Which is better, Attacking a heavy tank with three individual infantry squads (1/1) three times at 1:1 each time or combining the three squads for a single 3:1 attack?
At what distance in hexes does a D1 armor unit attacked at 1:1 odds by a cruise missile's shockwave?
How many hexes long and hexes wide (plus or minus one hex) is the original OGRE map printed back in 1979?
How many tread units propel the Fencer-B for three hex movements?
How much attack strength needs to be done to a city hex in order for it to become rubble?
A Mark IV rams a building, how many six-sided dice in damage does it do to that building?
How many tread units would a vehicle must have in order to pull a Mark III out of the swamp at two movement hexes per turn (granted the unit had a tow essembly installed)?
What size unit can shove off the road a size 2 unit?
How many A.P. OGRE batteries would it take to eliminate a 2/1 infantry squad in a wooded area?
What important event happened in the year 2087?
0 Washed out :(
1-2 Private
3-4 Sergeant
5-6 Lieutenant
7-8 Captian
9 Colonel
10 General!
Answers in a few days.

BIMPs and Grabbers!

On page 88 of the 'OGRE Book' I found these interesting units. Not sure what to do with them - maybe you can!

And as always you can print them out without my permission (just please don't make any money off of them).

You will notice with my counters that Combine vehicles are oriented towards the right and the Paneuropean units the left (almost all the time).

Game played with the Shockwave-3 map against an OGRE Mark 3

I thought you might be interestedIt was a solo 120 point game.
As you can see I did on my monitor with the help of my super CRT dice. I did succum to the Mark III even though I had a mark 1 on my side (which ate up 4 armor points). The circles you see are the ranges of the OGRE's main, secondaries and missiles. The red circles represent the range of the Howitzers on the Combine's side. I tried to have them overlap as much as possible, but I I think I roll 75% of the time 1-4 on the treads of that dang Mark III. I was just unlucky I guess. By the way my dice I make are perfectly balanced (to a significant degree).
Playing it this way works out the kinks in both my counter creation and practice in game play. It also works out, in short order, what scenario mechanics work and which do not. I hope you enjoy the pictures!
For those techicals, I used Visio Pro, Paint Shop Pro (to capture the map from OGRE map maker) and just visio pro graphic tools to make the circles and add counters (as many as I wished).