Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My CRT Dice!

About a year or two ago I decided I was tired of looking to the Combat Results Table and back again to the dice I just rolled for an attack. Sometimes I would find the table absent or missing, adding time to a game that is already turn based.
Then I wondered, what if the Combat Results Table and the dice were the same thing? Well, the result is the CRT dice. The invention got great revues on Steve Jackson's OGRE forums and many adopted this time saving measure to wargaming.
Well, pictures are worth a thousand words (thanks for the correction ak_aramis lol) and I am short on time, so...


Portland 1500m hexed and named for OGRE/GEV!

I was thinking, why not have Portland be a strong point for forces on their way to the Vancouver facilities. Maybe a large raid was attempted and Portland was the place for the horrible battle?
Here is the map I faithfully kept to Google earth accuracy. All the roads, streams, rivers, urban sprawl, and even forest are reproduced for play. I even added a few real cliffs that are in Portland.
Go ahead, click on it! It's 1551 x 1359 in 16 million colors.
OGRE Portland Map.
One hex length = 1500 meters.
I recently discovered this program, OreMap Editor and I used it to create Portland (near where I live) as a 1500m hexed, named, and road laid map anyone would play on. 

I would LOVE to hear any scenarios with Portland as a focus.
The following map is 1500m per hex length (plus or minus 3%).

Now a few scenario specific rules:
»Mount Tabor gives +2 range to any unit on the hex and can only be entered into from the South (hence the hedging).
»Any unit on the right hex of the tunnel (half the word tunnel is in this hex) gains +2 range but can only be entered into by road. Any unit shoved over the cliffs results in falling damage equal to 7 levels (about 130 feet). This is a real cliff. 
»The Tunnel leading into Downtown Portland can only handle a size 4 unit or less unit. All other units must go around the 'hedging' which are actually cliffs. There is really a tunnel that goes into a mountain and comes out the other side to downtown Portland. It's about most direct route there, trust me.
»Oswego Lake is treated as crossing water, not a stream. It's a lake 3,400m long and about 400m wide.
»The Airport does not give any defense or movement bonuses but could be a good VP target...
»All bridges have 40 SP, are size 9, and can handle any unit up to size 8.