Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Aircraft in OGRE/GEV?

Aircraft in OGRE/GEV?
When it comes to aircraft in the near future it would seem that computers trump the human pilot. A drone or remotely piloted aircraft directed by an OGRE brain is much much more effective than a human could ever fly it at. To do the manuevering and hard ECM it requires a computer, therefor all combat aircraft are drones flown by specialized, sophisticated computers.

Maximum defense is D9 from maneuvering and active ECM aircraft since it manuever harder than going zero speed allows.
There is no minimum speed or maximum acceleration or deceleration.
+1 defense (up to a limit of D9) if there is an OGRE within 4 hexes of the drone. The OGRE may fly that one drone and may not fire or move while controlling this drone.
8 MOV D1
7 MOV D2
6 MOV D3
5 MOV D4
4 MOV D5
3 MOV D6
2 MOV D7
1 MOV D8
0 MOV D9

Nap of the Earth (50m to 120m) +1D, ordinance at fired at 50% range (rounded down)
roll 1:2 every turn, DIS = cannot attack this turn and X = destruction (no hulk)
Level 1 (120m to 1200m)  -1D, ordinance at fired at 75% range (rounded down)
Level 2 (1200m to 3000m) -2D, ordinance at fired at 100% range (rounded down)
Level 3 (3000m to 4500m) -3D, ordinance at fired at 125% range (rounded down)
Level 4 (4500m to 6000m) -4D, ordinance at fired at 150% range (rounded down)
Level 5 (7500m to 9000m) -5D, ordinance at fired at 175% range (rounded down)
Level 6 (9000m to 10500m) -6D, ordinance at fired at 200% range (rounded down)

Any unit within range of the aircraft can shoot it down without having to roll on the CRT if the aircraft's defense is negative or at zero.

An aircraft could travel 5 hexes/turn to have a D2 defense (D4-D2) for 100% range for it's ordinance.
At speed 1 an aircraft would have double the ordinance range but have a defense of 1 until it's next turn.
You could go Nap of the Earth at MOV4, decrease your ordinance range by 1/2 and have D7. But every turn you would have to roll 1:2 to crash (x result) or furiously maneuver to avoid obstacles (dis result). Of course you are putting yourself within range of every ground unit with 1 range. If you fly over a ground unit at Nap of the Earth then it's considered an overrun and drone aircraft do not receive any defensive or offensive bonuses in an overrun.

When you encounter a forest, urban areas or anything that rises above 120m you must go up to level 1 to fly over it or crash and be destroyed (into the terrain).
Being behind any terrain as high as or higher than 120m counts as defensive air cover. Being behind this cover gives the aircraft an extra two defense.

Make your own missile or bomb by using this formula:
ATT x RNG = payload weight. For the reasons of this equation, 0 range is equal to 0.5. The 0.5 range is kept for even a bomb because even a bomb benefits from being dropped from 12000m (would travel 1 hex instead of zero hexes).
The aircraft has a weight limit of 30.
The volume limit is 6 missiles and/or bombs.
You may combine the fire of any missile or combine the fire of any bomb, but not together.
The maximum ATT is 6 and the maximum range is one less of it's attack factor. 6/5, 5/4, 4/3, etc.
Once all the ordinance carried is expended, the aircraft has only it's AP battery left as an offensive option (bug out!).

ATT does not matter, the payload matters. An aircraft is ATT = 0 except in air to air. The close quarters cannon is a 1/1 AP battery useful against infantry, D0 targets and other aircraft. The AP battery may only be used at level 0 or 1 at a ground target at 1 attack against D0 units or infantry. Against an air target is may be used against any aircraft within one range with an attack of 1. Elevation has no effect on the range of this AP battery on the drone for air to air purposes. Every drone has one AP battery. Extra AP batteries may be installed at 2 wht.

DEF (defense) does not matter because speed and height determines it's defense. It being hit with a brilliant mini nuke will even destroy the most heavily armored aircraft with a near miss. In the future, an aircraft's ONLY defense is it's near unpredictable maneuverability and active ECM. For every one speed less spent in unpredictable manuevering than eight speed it gains +1 DEF (to a maximum of D9 at MOV 0, or maneuvering furiously within a 1500m area). For every height level over it loses one defense (but gains range for it's payload).

RNG does not matter, the range is determined by the payload being released at a certain altitude.
Level is also vertical range. If an aircraft is at level 3 then it is out of reach of a unit that can shoot up to 2 hexes away.

MOV does not matter, drone aircraft of the 2035-2070 period can hover, turn on a dime and basically manuever like a leaf on the wind. They can also go blisteringly fast that would leave the SR-71 in the dust. However, going really really fast does not make it immune to lasers and hyperfast missiles fired at the lowest levels. Acceleration and decelleration, within 4 minutes is a non-issue. A drone may change from M0 to M8 in one turn if it wishes or vise versa. The drone may change one level of elevation with one movement unit.

Level 0 Nap of the earth (50m to 120m) = +1 defense. Aircraft flying nap of the earth roll on 1:2 every turn. A DIS results in the aircraft not being able to attack this turn due to having to maneuver (barely) around some ground object. An X, on the other hand, means the aircraft crashed, is destroyed and is removed from play. No hulk is provided ... it's remains are scattered across 1500m.

Here are the types of NATO type military unit symbols fielded in 2025-2070

All the units I create for this alternate universe war game are as such:

Reinforcement Dice! Yay! No more reinforcement tables!

Yes, Reinforcement Dice!

Ever get tired of wondering where your support will come from when you are losing GEVs as fast as the OGRE can blaze them into tomorrow's glory? Well, wonder no more!
Applied vie sticker (printed on a laser printer) by this following design:
As you can see there are two columns 'seperated' by a change of position. The first two symbols represent unit types. Let's say a side that shows an Armored GEV Chassis symbol & Infantry Symbol in the right hand side and an Armored Chassis symbol & GEV Chassis symbol on the left. If you had 18 vp to spend on reinforcements on your reinforcement turn, you could split up those points between either Armored GEV Chassis or Infantry and Armored Chassis or GEV Chassis. Personally I would choose two light GEVs (6 vp), an 'Gopher' Tracked Armored Carrier [1/2, D3, M3, 4 size that holds up to 3/1 Infantry (6 vp) and a Company 3/1 of Infantry (6 vp).
You could create your own make up by using this dice (or table) into any reinforcement make up you wished.
The following are examples of what you could choose:
You will notice I placed MECHs and Trucks in many of the reinforcement boxes. I thought why not make the trucks more accessible in case you choose a one shot weapon or artillery that needs to be towed?
In fact, I might make a unit that is a strictly towing unit for pulling units out of the muck and moving artillery around. Any suggestions?

Another this you might have noticed that Nihon units are represented as well. Unless you are of the Nihon army side, you may not choose a Nihon unit.

I represented the 1/1 face of each infantry, but you may purchase as many Infantry as points and combination permits. It's always nice to have infantry - especially on an urban heavy map. Maybe it's a water heavy map and you need underwater presence. Maybe there are a multitude of bridges to patch or a road network needing fixing...

Ah, the one shot weapon systems. I am surprised there were not a variety of them to choose from. I mean I am thinking of developing light one shot weapon carriers that can shoot four 3/5 missiles.