Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ever wonder what to do with old dice containers?

Why not recycle those clear boxes your dice sets came in? Make them in rollers! I use them to roll stats for a quick traveler character or quick hit die for a monster if I don't have the room to roll.
Here are the photos since a picture with worth a thousand words, here are FOUR thousand words! hehe
There they all are. One contains d100 and a d20. Another contains 12 six-sided dice for a quick travelers trait generation.  Another container contains four six sided dice for quick skill checks. In the last one there are five color coded eight sided dice for pretty much any situation.

My twelve six sided Travelers trait roller.

All from a differing angle.

The size of the roller. These little clear boxes are tough unless you stand on them or
give them to a 6 year old child to play with outside...
This this case you have a 2 STR, 8 Dex, 7 END, 6 INT, 7 EDU, and 5 SOC. I usually take the lowest trait and roll it again, keeping the result (even if it's lower). A character with obvious weaknesses are interesting to role play as they have much to overcome...