Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This is for Gary (Traveler flowchart)

Gary, there is an example of the flowchart I created. I shrunk it down a little so you can click on it for full size.
The skeleton of an adventure that is skill based. As the group fails each 'test' or 'locked door' the chances of receiving a greater reward diminishes but the adventure does not. This is one of the reasons I like to shy away from combat in role playing sessions. Combat situations should be used to express emotions and motives, not to titillate the group in wanton destruction, cheap excitement and looting. In fact in my sessions combat almost always ends in the group getting less than they otherwise would have gotten if they chose not to use discretion (like stealth, diplomacy, concession, compromise, etc.). I believe that role playing games are not war simulations. If someone wants that there are plenty of FPS available to satisfy that.

Randomly generated adventure flow-chart. Use your imagination on what the skills would be used for and what situation would necessitate them.