Thursday, October 6, 2011

New weapons for Car Wars, the Metal Storm!

There is one weapon I am surprised that is not in the Car Wars future. I am sure we all have seen THIS You Tube video of the gun that can shoot 1,000,000 shoots per minute. I believe they call it "Metal Storm". 
There is the "Redback" system where the primary role is as a lightweight vehicle or fixed asset mounted 4-barrel, 16-shot, 40 mm weapon system.
Then there is "Metal Storm". 
Metal Storm has created a 36-barreled stacked projectile machine gun, boasting the highest rate of fire in the world. The prototype weapon demonstrated a firing rate of just over 1 million rounds per minute for a 180-round 'burst', with a claimed maximum rate of fire of 1.62 million RPM (i.e., 45,000 RPM for each barrel).
Question is, where does this caseless type of weapon fit into Car Wars? It would make a high rate of fire small bore weapon. Maybe even make a 40mm grenade launcher capable of flipping dozens of warheads in the general direction of the enemy. In other words, we are talking a machine gun that could be capable of expending ALL of it's ammunition in one to five phases (user controlled). For a machine gun this could mean you could fire all your ammo at once (20 rounds!) at a target or split it up to be 4 round 'bursts' over 5 phases of your car's movement. 

36 barrel Metal Storm Vehicular System
MSVS, area, 7+ (each 'burst' must be rolled separately), 1d6-1, 1 DP (fragile system), 1 space, 20 'bursts'(can all be fired in one phase, in reality there are 180 rounds but are fired as independent nine-round 'bursts' for game purposes, thus a magazine of 20 'bursts'), $1260 ($2100 loaded), 115 lbs (130 lbs loaded), $42/'burst', 0.75 lbs/'burst'.

Takes 5 rounds to reload a Metal Storm Machine Gun but the vehicle carrying it must not be in motion and the armor panels removed to access the system (no armor on the side where the Metal Storm Machine Gun is directed out of while reloading is being done). Removing one side of armor plating protecting the system takes about 15 minutes.
Due to the sheer number of projectiles spat out from this system, a targeting computer is 1 less effective with aiming it. A hi-res targeting computer will only give this system a +1 to hit. Tracer ammunition and a hi-res targeting computer do not give you a +2 to hit. You must take the tracer bonus or the computer bonus of +1.
The strength of the MSVS is the weight and volume. The ammunition is half the weight of normal machine gun ammunition since there is no casing to add weight. Since each round is packaged back to back there is virtually no limit to it's firing rate as well. The downside is that it cannot benefit from a magazine as other bored weapons can.
Special Note: Anti-Personnel, Explosive, Tracer, Incendiary, High-Density ammunition is not available for this system. 
The MSVS ammunition is special ammunition. 

This weapon system should be a reward for a mission or some role playing scenario where it's found in a military facility, as it's exceedingly rare to find.
This is a flavor weapon. 
We have play tested it and found it to be interesting and fiddled with the weight to make it light and affordable (to make it available in Division 5 to Division 10 arenas). Also the volume is reduced so it could be placed in lower division vehicles. The only drawback is that it does not benefit from targeting computers, is fragile and does not have as much punch as a machine gun. It cannot take exotic ammunition nor can it benefit from extra ammunition magazines as other bored weapons can. 

* Should this system be more bulky and heavier?
* Should it be more expensive, opening up more fire power at the cost of staying power for lower divisions?

Tell me what you think - if you want me to write up the four barrel "Redback" system, because this technology is available NOW and it doesn't look all that expensive given a dozen years...
I do value other's input for our gaming group. By the way, 7+ equates to 61% chance to hit with each 'burst'. With a hi-res targeting computer, it goes up to 75% chance to hit with each 'burst'.

By the way, caseless ammo is here and now.

One more entry before I hit the sack (I have an overactive imagination I suppose, lol).
Why not use different dice for damage? Why 1d6 ALL THE TIME? What about an extra light machine gun doing 1-4 (1d4) damage?
Extra Light Machine Gun (9mm armor piercing) (prototype)

XLMG, 1d4 damage, area, 7+, 1d4, 1 DP, ½ space, 20 shots, $665 ($965 loaded), 80 lbs (116 lbs loaded), $15/shot, 1.8 lbs/shot. 
Special Note: Anti-Personnel, Explosive, Tracer, Incendiary, High-Density ammunition is not available for this system.
I love Car Wars!