Saturday, November 26, 2011

The world of the small game...

The world of the small

When everyone goes to sleep, fantastical creatures come out of the luminous netherspace and out of black space to battle once again for supremacy over neutral space here on earth. Only when an intelligent entity in the neutral world (a human) is conscious do these creatures blink back to their own existence of their respective netherworlds, both to the light worlds and to the dark worlds, in the blink of an eye. To humans their size is diminutive but their power is great. Every day objects we see around us are used as defense, offense and cover for these two warring factions.
The Lumens are a race of creatures that have the power of flight but are delicate. They use matter around them to protect themselves against danger. Children and very spiritual people have witnessed their existence on very rare occasions and are seen as fairies and woodsfolk.
+ Lumens have a limited form of magic. Their abilities vary from Lumen to Lumen.
+ Lumens have a heightened agility to assist in evading in close combat and dodging ranged blows.
+ Lumens may summon lower neutral creatures to help them.
+ Lumens have limited flight ability.
+ Lumens have a heightened ability when it comes to range weapons.
+ Close proximity to other Lumens strengthens their abilities.
+ Lumens can heal other creatures to a limited degree, even neutral creatures.
+ Moderate cold do not bother Lumens to any great degree as they are part crystaline.
- Lumens are physically fragile and thus not as good at close combat as Cinderites.
- Lumens grow weak when no other Lumens are in close proximity to them
- Lumens grow weak when they are in shadow or darkness
- Lumens do not like closed spaces and are at a combat disadvantage in tight quarters.
- Lumens refuse to use poison of any type on their weapons as they find its use a dark art.
- Lumens are prone to weakness when in very warm to hot places.
Overview of Lumens:
Basically they are a race of winged creatures of light that seek to maintain balance in the natural (or neutral) world. They are sworn enemies of any creatures in intelligence that are enemies to the natural laws of the universe and seek darkness instead of light.

The Cinderites are a race of loathsome creatures that seek only dominance over all life. They seek to take over normal space once the Lumens are out of the way. Some people have seen these creatures as they blink back to their dark laden worlds and deem them as “Will ‘O’ the wisps”.
+ Cinderites have expertise in armor of various types and have a natural resistance to magic to some forms of magic.
+ Cinderites use their cleverness and improvisation in the invention of mechanical horrors created from parts of the neutral world to do their bidding.
+ Compared to neutral creatures of the world and Lumens, they have increased health and stamina.
+ Cinderites have increased melee strength.
+ Darkness and shadows increase Cinderite’s strength, both ranged and melee.
+ Cinderites can apply organic substances to themselves to give them an edge in movement and agility.
+ Cinderites love to use poison on their weapons. Rarely do they find a poison that actually kills but they have many varieties that weaken and incapacitate.
+ Cinderites love to be in very warm to hot places as they are part fire.
- Cinderites are do not possess the patience nor serenity that magic with any sort of proficiency requires.
- Light, from whatever the source, weakens them in relation to the light’s strength.
- They have limited ability when using ranged weapons for their eyesight is not as sharp as a Lumen’s.
- Cinderites cannot fly unless by mechanical means or carried by a neutral creature against its will.
- Cinderites are weakened by the cold.
 - Neutral creatures have a natural dislike for Cinderites but Cinderites use organic compounds to control them for a limited time and in doing so the neutral creature they are controlling is weakened as a result while under it’s influence.
Overview of Cinderites:
These loathsome creatures are the product of darkness and void. Their netherspace consists of darkness, negativity and loneliness. They seek to make all life as they are and will stop at nothing until all light is dark and all positiveness is negativity. They are greedy, self serving little trollish creatures that are clever in their designs and use this to make machines to do their nefarious bidding. Many Lumens have tried to enlighten these creatures only to be met with betrayal, treachery and cruelty.
Neutral Creatures
The Neutral creatures of the Neutral world are insects, mammals, sea creatures and birds. They are more prone to help the benevolent and kind Lumens than the greedy and cruel Cinderites.
Birds, insects, small mammals, and plants all fall under this category. Lumens are good with neutral creatures (animals) and persuade them to help them. Cinderites find clever and cruel ways to control them and bend them to do their bidding. The relationships between Cinderites and neutral creatures are tenuous at best and quite unstable.
Humans: If a human awakes in the awareness vicinity of either Lumens and/or Cinderites, they are both bulled into their respective worlds, no matter the outcome other current conflict or interaction.

Neutral Objects
Everyday objects may be use by either race to seek to gain an advantage over the other. The goal of Lumens is to find a way to bar travel of Cinderites to the Neutral world. The goal of the Cinderites is the destruction of Lumens so they may attempt to take over the Neutral world. Their battle typically take place in places humans will not happen upon them and thus banish them both.
If a Lumen or Cinderite is about to be seen by a human, that individual is banished to their respective world for the rest of the encounter (game).
Both Lumens and Cinderites come in various shapes and sizes but all are about one inch tall.
One of the favorite weapons of a Lumen is to take a paperclip, a rubber band and a toothpick and make a ranged weapon out of this. This ‘bow’ has a strength of 2, a range of 12 inches and a re-fire rate of once every 3 seconds. A cinderite’s favorite weapon is the basic club, made from everyday wooden twigs to pencils, have a strength of 3, range of one inch (melee range) and can attack every 4 seconds or so.
Armor for Lumens and Cinderites are varied as each type of armor protects the wearer from different types of attack.
Lumens are favored to the ranged, precise and sharp types of weaponry. They are employ neutral creature to fight for them.
The Cinderites favor devious traps, poison and machines to do their dark bidding.
Space generally occupied by intelligent beings are prized among all other types of space on the neutral plane of existence. This is why both factions risk battles near sleeping intelligent beings. The intelligent beings makes the space in this area more valuable and powerful when spells are being cast or strengthening the vitality and stamina of beings of darkness.
Author’s Note
When I created this game I envisioned light and dark forces fighting for dominance in a bedroom, a backyard or any place near a human’s home. Both sides would employ their natural surrounding to try to get an edge over their enemies and the battle would include animals, mechanical contraptions made from everyday items and furniture used as terrain and cover. Making this into a game would be a challenge if one were to attempt to create a map to scale, make miniatures to match their respective races and countered to represent the state of the unit under attack or strengthened or weakened in some way. Then it occurred to me that a bedroom itself could be the battleground and inexpensive toys that look like dark or light creatures (Lumens or Cinderites) could be used and shadows and light places could also be employed to show where both races would be strongest.
Just imagine a war going on while you sleep between what can only be described as fairies and dark, loathsome trolls, each the size of a quarter!