Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Mark 3 attacks a Nihon CP!

I used the regular OGRE map to simulate a small island that was off the coast of Japan.
I put out 100 vp (exactly) of Nihon units against one Mark 3 Cybertank that was dropped off by a long range ship on the South part of the island. The Mark 3 fought well with destroying many power suited infantry and destroying the famously powerful Nihon heavy artillery emplacement before it could do any damage to the Mark 3. After a 20 minute battle, many light GEVs, light missile tanks and power suited infantry met their end to this OGRE. The Mark 3, nicknamed 'Echo 3' was immobilized with all it's main and secondary weapons destroyed nearly 13 kilometers from the crushed Nihon radar station it was sent there to destroy. The Nihon military set up a 2000m quarantine around the rusting hulk sensing it's self destruct mechanism was not active but reading that there were still eight deadly infinite repeaters still actively searching the horizon. With it's treads and bogies all blown out in a macabre trail leading away from the Nihon command center and despite radio and lazcomm messages to destroy it it begs to be shut down.
The Nihon empire lets it dwindle in loneliness in exchange for all the lives it took in an attempt to gain a royal Nihon Island. A single platoon of 7 Nihon power suit infantry survived to lazcomm the pyrrhic victory to their superiors.They are now known as the lucky 7 Platoon. They now guard this island and watch for subsequent invasions as well as to find answers why this worthless island was important to the Combine in the first place.