Sunday, December 4, 2011

One of my favorite OGRE Maps, simple and fun!

Here are some items I wish Warehouse 23 would either bring back or put on their list to buy.

This is the 1 and 1/2 inch map I bought from Warehouse 23 and I don't think they offer it anymore. I guess I bought it just in time. I wanted to buy another one so I could cut it up for the hexes and make my own large maps. Oh well. By the way, that GEV is a printed out miniature photo on my laser printer set upon a plastic sheet magnet. Coolest magnet ever!

Vulcan Drone. Another unit dropped from the line for some reason. This is not my paint job and I admire the work and detail that went into the paint job of this miniature. Whoever did one I would like to get some advice on how to paint!
OGRE 'Ninja' or what I like to call in the Americanized name of 'The Black Horse'. I would like to get another one to apply my glow in the dark paint I just bought. My only OGRE 'Ninja' has a mat black paint job unlike this example where dark green seems to be the theme.
The famous Doppelsoldner. I consider this OGRE the best of all the Cybertank miniatures.  Again, not available at Warehouse 23 and I only have one of them. I painted mine with Paneuropean colors. I would like to obtain a few more as I have some creative paint jobs I could like to apply to them.

CRT (Combat Results Table) dice I created. No more referring to charts every battle or memorizing the original CRT table! Looking into a company to get a bunch of these made.
The Vulcan Cybertank. Not available anymore at Warehouse 23. I am impressed with the owner's ability to paint such different colors on a detailed piece without painting errors. Simply amazing!
The BIMP Tank. Essentially a big suicidal little bug of a tank. Introduced in the OGRE book. Again I love the creativity used in the art of this simple battle unit. Those beady eyes ready to take out a hex worth of units!

Here is the concept of the Grabber Tank creatively depicted in the OGRE book. I wish they would add this to Warehouse 23 in that I have a few Vulcan OGREs I could couple with them. Maybe they are already on sale.
Maybe Warehouse 23 could bundle flags from all the countries into decals we can put on our units and OGREs, if possible from the following major super powers of the future!

The Oil controlling states of the Arabian Confederation

The Chinese Hegemony

The Nihon Empire

North American Combine

Nova Brasilia

The Paneuropean Empire

The Glorious Israeli Flag!

Anyways that is my opinion of what they should put up or make available again at Warehouse 23.